Aeria Games chooses Hipchat to scale internal communications


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Berlin, Germany

With a rapidly growing community of over 45 million core players and a deep portfolio of development partners, Aeria Games is a leading destination for free-to-play online multiplayer games. In 2014, the company was acquired by ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, a large German independent media company. As a result, Aeria Games grew significantly, doubling in size.

Aeria Games had been using a combination of email and various chat clients, including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Kakao (a chat system popular in Korea), but after the acquisition, managing the various forms of communication quickly became overwhelming. “We needed a solution for real-time and group communication – a solution that was mobile-ready and would scale and help connect our distributed teams,” says Release Project Manager Radoslaw Orszewski.

In addition, Aeria teams in Germany work very closely with developers in Asia. “We had big challenges around distributed teams who were working across different time zones,” says Daniel Finck, head of localization at Aeria.

Orszewski had used Hipchat at a former employer and led the charge to consolidate the company and its development partners on it. With Hipchat, individuals and teams can communicate through one-to-one and persistent group chat rooms where users can share ideas, code, and files as well as screen-share in real time. According to Orszewski, a key selling point was the ability to search conversations by keyword. 

“We are very heavy mobile users, so support for Android and iPhone devices was critical,” says Orszewski. “Hipchat delivered – the mobile clients are just as great as the desktop client.” Now, every department has at least one open and one private Hipchat room, and additional rooms are created for cross-functional teams and projects. 

Orszewski piloted Hipchat with the Operations and Localization teams – to massive success. A company-wide rollout followed over the course of two months. “We now have about 475 people using Hipchat, including external software developers,” says Orszewski. He reports that the ability to create Hipchat rooms where employees and external partners can connect and collaborate has been instrumental in building cross-functional teams.

Hipchat has also helped Aeria Games bridge the divide between teams in Germany and Asia. “Communication has greatly improved within the company and with our external partners,” says Orszewski. "Our teams work faster and are more connected than ever because of Hipchat."

Our teams work faster and are more connected than ever because of Hipchat.— Radoslaw Orszewski, release project manager, Aeria Games

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