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Lucid Motors is on a mission to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy by creating the most captivating electric vehicles, centered around the human experience. There’s a lot at stake to build a world-class transportation brand from the ground up, so everything the company does – from the team in its headquarters, to the color and trim inside its car, to the software it runs – is vetted for quality and extraordinary customer experience. The result is a car unlike any other. The Lucid Air is a state-of-the art luxury sedan, featuring a California-inspired design underpinned by race-proven technology. With a luxurious interior space in a mid-size exterior footprint, the Air will be capable of over 400 miles range and 0-60 mph in under 2.5 seconds.

Lucid chose Atlassian for ease of use, customization, reliability, and scalability. The solution including Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management will support Lucid’s aggressive plans for growth and enable the kind of seamless collaboration needed to innovate in a constantly changing industry. Jira helps deliver enhanced in-vehicle experiences, like entertainment and information, to meet the growing demand for luxurious, safe, and smart vehicles. Confluence is the source of truth for documentation and information across all employees, contractors, and vendors. And finally, Jira Service Management serves as the core of the IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution used by 15 departments (including IT, HR, and Legal) and growing. Lucid also plans to use Jira Service Management to support critical day-to-day functions like incident management and maintenance of their state-of-the-art automotive software.

We rely on Atlassian to achieve our goal of creating a truly unique car brand.

Laurent Bordier

Atlassian Service Owner

“People tend to associate a car brand with the car specifically, but it's actually the car and every detail related to it – brand identity, aesthetics, driving experience, ownership experience. That's why quality assurance is essential to our success,” says Atlassian Service Owner Laurent Bordier. “We rely on Atlassian to achieve our goal of creating a truly unique car brand.”

With Atlassian Cloud, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night because a node in the data center was down.

Laurent Bordier

Atlassian Service Owner

Laying the groundwork for success

Like other companies building Internet-connected “things,” Lucid Motors is both a product designer and manufacturer, as well as a SaaS company. Since all of its software is built and maintained in the cloud, adopting Atlassian’s cloud solutions for project collaboration across the business was the obvious choice to ensure compliance and unwavering software availability. “With Atlassian Cloud, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night because a node in the data center was down,” says Laurent. “That’s a hugely positive aspect for me and my customers because I can ensure the best SLA possible.”

Lucid was already using Atlassian when they hired Laurent, an Atlassian Administrator with over a decade of experience working with the toolset and executing deployments to drive value across entire organizations. Laurent views his role as enabling his company to succeed in its goals, through the organization of the Atlassian environment. He frequently meets with team managers to understand their roadmap and will align his team to make sure every department is successful.

When he joined Lucid, his first mission was to organize the three major components of his Atlassian stack (Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence). From there, he worked with team managers to consolidate the company’s Jira projects down to one per department, plus a few crossfunctional projects. Laurent mobilized Atlassian to uphold Lucid’s aggressive goals, and now it’s the standard for connecting work to business outcomes throughout every department in the company

Service Management for every team

Lucid’s success hinges on the power of secure and efficient cross-functional collaboration, and Atlassian is helping teams achieve a culture of visibility with a dynamic Enterprise Service Management solution. With this in mind, Laurent has implemented and standardized Atlassian across the organization. First, he established an IT service desk with Jira Service Management, which covers the company’s service desk, facilities, and security. This solution has been quite successful and well-adopted – just six months in, there were 4,000 tickets in the system. That volume of tickets also showed them that they needed to start pulling data to understand how they could improve their processes.

Since the creation of the first help desk, Jira Service Management has been adopted by business teams like HR, Legal and Purchasing. For example, due to the rapid employee growth necessary to propel the company forward, hiring managers needed an easy way to request and track new-hire processes, so Laurent’s team developed a fully integrated on-boarding process. Their HR system automatically creates a ticket in Jira Service Management, which creates sub-tickets for all the assets a new hire might need, such as laptops and credentials. Using a combination of Smartsheet and Confluence that are linked in the tickets, hiring managers now have visibility to self-serve and to see where their employees are in the on-boarding process at any time in the dashboard.

Resolving incidents faster - and learning from them

Looking forward, Laurent has plans to implement a traditional incident management process – common in the automotive industry – using Atlassian. First, an incident will be created in Jira, from either a monitoring system or an individual. This will trigger the on-call team through a solution like Opsgenie. Customers will stay informed through a status page, and an announcement will be posted on the customer portal of Jira Service Management for those seeking help. Next, internal stakeholders will be added to a chatroom to communicate with the team and externally with customers. Once the issue is resolved, a timeline of the incident will be documented in Confluence, including details about how long the incident took to resolve and a record of those involved. After that, a ticket will be created in Jira with a post-mortem, including a prompt to identify and analyze the root cause. Finally, a ticket will be created that assigns a corrective action to an individual, with a two-week SLA.

Atlassian helps Lucid stay nimble and data driven

Lucid is working hard to establish its distinctly Californian brand in a long-established yet quickly changing landscape. Atlassian enables the team to adapt and react to this dynamic environment.

“The beauty of Atlassian is the amount of data, information, and documentation you have in one place,” says Laurent. “We’ll be able to use that data to understand trends that can help us continuously improve our design, operational, and manufacturing processes.”

In the midst of this fast-paced way of working, Laurent is committed to his mission of enabling his internal stakeholders to achieve the company’s goals and OKRs; he is defining his own roadmap to ensure the success of every department and, ultimately, realize the full potential of the electric car.

The beauty of Atlassian is the amount of data, information, and documentation you have in one place.

Laurent Bordier

Atlassian Service Owner

“I’m fortunate to work with incredibly smart people, each of whom has a different kind of expertise, sometimes from a different industry,” Laurent adds. “Collectively, we’re able to transform all that knowledge into a unique product that will set a new luxury car standard. To achieve that, we need to assure high quality, share knowledge effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and optimize all of our internal processes. Atlassian does all that and more.”

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