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How Capgemini connected a global product team with Jira and Confluence

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Capgemini is a French multinational consulting firm that offers consulting, technology, outsourcing, and professional services to Fortune 500 companies. Among the tools it provides for customers is a powerful, omni-channel contact engagement platform called Odigo that helps Capgemini’s clients build customer loyalty.


The teams working on Odigo™  are spread out around the world, in France, India, Morocco, and the U.S. To work together effectively, they need tools that allow them to collaborate across different regions, with visibility at anytime into what other teams are working on. Capgemini was using a traditional project management tool to develop Odigo™ but but they found the software inflexible and the interface old-fashioned. Capgemini’s existing document management system didn’t allow teams to work on documents together in a shared manner. Capgemini needed a solution that would foster a transparent culture and allow its product teams to react more quickly to customer needs.


Capgemini decided to migrate from its existing tools to Jira and Confluence to speed software development. Their initial plan was to roll out Atlassian over six months, but that changed when word quickly spread about how easy Atlassian was to use. As teams interacted with Atlassian, they saw immediate benefits. “Other teams were excited by what they saw,” says Fabien Lamaison, head of strategy and innovation. “It’s really by word of mouth that a lot of teams started to use the Atlassian toolset.” As a result, Capgemini accelerated the rollout and within a month, eight teams were using Atlassian globally.

The marketing and product management teams now plan their roadmaps and prioritize requests from pre-sales and account teams in Jira. Product requirements, meeting reports, and onboarding documents are all stored in Confluence. And instead of having weekly calls to discuss the latest documentation and status, teams use Atlassian as the central hub where distributed teams can align on goals and work together. “With Atlassian, onshore and offshore teams are working together to focus on product goals,” says Lamaison.


With Atlassian, Capgemini has a shared platform that allows the teams working on Odigo™ to collaborate transparently across continents. Development teams are more nimble and can get new features to market faster.

This move to a more open culture has been positive and rapid. “I was surprised by how quickly our teams went agile with Atlassian,” Lamaison says. “Atlassian is a leader who will keep pace with us as we evolve.”

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