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Early Careers

The most amazing thinkers - like NASA rocket scientists and Tesla engineers - are looking to us for solutions.

No matter which area of the business you join, you will collaborate with the best-minds in technology, as part of a supportive, fun and values-driven team.

This is what makes Atlassian an incredible place to launch your career.


Launch your career as a UX Researcher

Own your career path

Starting your career with Atlassian means gaining immediate hands-on experience, working with remarkable software that touches millions of teams around the world.

To support our global customers, we offer internships and graduate programs across the Americas, Australia & New Zealand, Europe and India.

In every region, you will collaborate on a global scale to unleash the potential of teams every where.

Graduate program

As a Gradlassian, you will deep-dive into the world of technology, solving real problems for our teams and customers.

Throughout the program, you will be nurtured to reach your professional and personal goals. Whether it’s getting hands on with a challenging project, shipping world-class products and features, connecting with senior leaders, joining a workshop, or giving back to the community. It’s all part of our mission to build future leaders and set you up for success.

Gradlassian network

As a distributed first team, we know human connection is everything. The Gradlassians are a close-knit bunch, regularly meeting-up for company wide intentional-togetherness events and hosting their own socials too - bowling, karaoke or go-karting anyone?

Who joins this program

Depending on your location, you should apply for the the Gradlassian program if you will soon, or have recently graduated from university.

Gradlassian orientation program

In your first month, you’ll join your fellow grads for the Gradlassian orientation program - bespoke onboarding built just for you. You’ll have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with all of your peers, dive into training, and enjoy some “playing, as a team,” along the way. You’ll dive into solving problems that affect millions of our users (including your colleagues at Atlassian)—and this is just the beginning.

Intern program

Through an immersive and versatile program, will gain first-hand insight into a full-time career at Atlassian.

Joining a global and cross-functional team, you will gain exposure to company leaders, build connections through the many networking opportunities and up-skill through challenging projects and workshops. It’s all part of our mission put your career on the trajectory from the get-go.

Intern network

Outside of the many exciting projects and programs on offer, our interns are welcomed into a fun, diverse and values driven team. You will have the opportunity to experience the office buzz together, connect with your peers at self-organised socials and attend company-wide events. All to help you build connections and friendships for life.

Who joins this program?

You’re in your penultimate year of university, and looking to launch your career at a world-class technology company.

World of Atlassian

As the industry leaders in effective teamwork, we build leading collaboration tools (like Jira, Confluence and Trello) to help our customers drive a better tomorrow.

University beginnings, just like you!

Our co-founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes started Atlassian straight out of university, armed with just a credit card and a dream. Now, Atlassian has grown to a global company supporting over 300,000 customers in space travel, automotive, technology, enterprise and more!

Set your career on a trajectory

We’re looking for people who want to make lasting impact and join a community of problem-solvers who believe we can accomplish the impossible, together. Make your mark and join us today.

Own your journey

At Atlassian, you will be empowered to own your career. 

Whether you’re a software developer, aspiring product designer, budding entrepreneur, or talented writer, we give you the support and resources for you to hone your craft and set you up for the career you want.

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Software icon

As an Atlassian Engineer, you’ll build software that powers up millions of teams around the world. Whether crafting elegant JavaScript, building mobile apps, or architecting a scalable cloud platform with micro-services on Amazon Web Services. Your impact will touch teams across NASA, Tesla and more.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically early career software engineers that join Atlassian study Computer Science or Software Engineering to then move into full-time Backend, Frontend, Mobile or Fullstack roles. 

We seek individuals who…

  • Live, breathe and love code
  • Can break down big problems into small solutions.
  • Possess the superpower to see challenges as opportunities and find innovative solutions
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Design icon

The Atlassian Design team is a collection of product, content and service designers, accessibility experts, program managers, and coaches using elegant design to help millions of customers achieve more. On this team, you’ll take your passion for creativity to help shape the vision of our products, develop roadmaps, and ship experiences that create value for all.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically early career Designers that join Atlassian study Design, Design Computing, Product, Service and Content or UX/UI to then join us in Design roles that help teams build awesome product experiences.

We seek individuals who…

  • Are true creatives and problem-solvers
  • Understand that design means how things work, not just how things look
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and know what they’re thinking, wanting, and needing
Product Management Program Copy link to heading Copied! Show
Jira board icon

The Atlassian Product Manager (APM) program is designed to accelerate the development of exceptional and creative problem solvers, cultivating the next generation of global leaders in the world of technology. Whether you’re launching a feature, diving into why an experiment failed or providing insights into your first product requirements, we will help shape you into the Product leader you want to be.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program study Business, IT or Technical Product Management. This program is designed to open doors into Product and Technical Product Management opportunities.

We seek individuals who…

  • Love to set a vision and bring it to life
  • Has an unparalleled eye and attention to detail
  • Thrives in leading and bringing teams together

To learn more about the Americas Atlassian APM Program check out this page.

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Security icon

In a world where cybersecurity threats are a normal constant, we need savvy individuals to protect and defend Atlassian’s infrastructure, products and networks from hackers. As part of your hands-on experience, you’ll learn from experts in the field by building security infrastructure or playing the role of the feared “hacker” so you can better anticipate threats.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program have skills in Computer Science and or Software Engineering. They study Business Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering or Computer Science. This experience sets you up to be a fierce protector and fighter of hackers within Product Security, Ecosystem Security, Security Intelligence, Corporate Security, Security Development, or Trust Security.

We seek individuals who…

  • Are ambitious, innovative, and driven.
  • Natural team players and seekers of challenges
  • Passionate about technology and believe it can change the world
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Data & Analytics icon

The Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning teams use the power of data to make decisions, smarter products, and drive operational success to scale Atlassian. Armed with knowledge, our team aids our customers around the world to achieve more.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program study Computer Science, Software Engineering, Statistics, Data Science, among others. This experience is a great launchpad into Marketing Analytics, Product Analytics, Customer Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We seek individuals who…

  • Have a passion for data and use it to make informed decisions
  • Use their technical creativity to build tools, automate processes, and generate insights that enable teams to see performance
  • Prioritize meaningful outcomes, love finding patterns in big, messy data sets, and find comfortability in ambiguous and or incomplete data
Site Reliability Engineering Copy link to heading Copied! Show
Gears icon

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is focused on building our tools, teams, and systems to accelerate the cross-cutting reliability focal areas that aid Cloud Engineering as they grow and scale. You’ll work alongside our product family and platform developers to maintain and improve services and performance. 

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program, seek degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering. After this program experience, you can expect to join us in cool, innovative spaces like Site Reliability Engineering, Technical Program Management and Systems Engineering.

We seek individuals who…

  • Keen to move quickly providing real time feedback
  • You are driven by data; understanding and informing how complex systems operate
  • Collaboration is your middle name
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Multi Tool icon

Creativity supported by data and outside disciplines can yield both unexpected and inspired results. Our Marketing team is a collection of writers, illustrators, thinkers—and, most importantly, communicators. We look look to solve existing problems and proactively plan for future ones. On the Marketing team, you will help grow the Atlassian brand across the marketplace and show the value and impact our products deliver.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program study marketing, communications, psychology and or business at university. The experience you gain from joining this program can set you up for success for a number of roles in Product, Field, Online and Performance Marketing. Additionally, you can build your expertise within Public Relations, Internal Communications, Brand and Demand Generation.

We seek individuals who…

  • Have a deep desire to understand your end-user and what makes them tick
  • Possess a strong understanding of your audiences, buyers and what they want and need
  • Use your creativity to develop programs that weave in key messages with high impacts
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Arrow in bullseye

Our sales organization has a unique approach to sales that allows us to break down the barrier between customer and salesperson; bringing transparency and trust into the process. As a grad or intern, you will get the chance to work with real Atlassian customers, build valuable relationships and help us align our sales strategy.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program study communications, business, marketing, psychology and software engineering. You’ll be prepared to control your destiny working in Sales Operations, Enterprise Development, Channel Programs and Development or Customer Success.

We seek individuals who…

  • Are relationship builders
  • Believe in the value our products bring our customers
  • Deliver a personal high-touch experience with every prospect and existing customer
Finance Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Our Finance Team is made up of a diverse group of creative, passionate and collaborative Atlassians. We partner closely with other teams on a daily basis to power the business and support Atlassian’s customers around the world.

Degree and your Atlassian journey
Typically those interested in joining this program study a finance led degree including finance, accounting or actuarial science. Immersing yourself into Atlassian’s Financial experts will allow you to drive innovative fiscal solutions within financial planning and analysis, audit, procurement and accounting.

We seek individuals who…

  • Numbers are what get you going in the morning
  • You’re a data analysis wizard
  • Make numbers approachable through storytelling and analogies
plant your code
coding challenge

Student Developers - Put your #javascript skills to the test!

Dig into a variety of code challenges through Plant Your Code that could end up landing you a job. For each challenge completed, we’ll donate to one of our Foundation Partners on your behalf supporting COVID-19 Relief in India and the Philippines.

Applying and interviewing

Our Team Anywhere philosophy is not exclusive to how we work but also how we recruit. This means we take a virtual first approach for most of our intern and graduate interview processes. Explore what you can expect from your interview process, tips on how to best present yourself and your skills, and meet the friendly faces of our global Campus Recruiting team.

Book icon

Candidate Resource Hub

Want tips for interviewing? Head over to the Candidate Resource Hub and view the articles under Interviewing.

Laptop icon

Application process in 5-steps

A lot can change based on the role you’re interested in, but for the most part, here are the steps you can expect as part of your application and interview process.

  1. Find your dream role

  2. Submit your application with an up-to-date resume

  3. Complete an online assessment

  4. Attend an initial screen with campus recruiters and Atlassian teams
  5. Complete a technical, leadership and values interview
  6. Final round craft-assessments and interviews
  7. Boom, hired!
Clock icon

Let’s talk timing

The Americas 

  • Internship applications open around January for a November start
  • Graduate applications open around July to join the following July 

Australia & New Zealand

  • Internship applications open around January for a November start
  • Graduate applications open around February to join the following July - February


  • Internship applications open around July for an April - June start
  • Graduate applications open around July to join the following May - July


  • Internship applications open around February for a July start 
  • Graduate applications open around February to join the following October

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