任何规模的团队都可以免费试用 7 天。无需绑定信用卡。

标准版 免费试用
标准版 免费试用
Premium Try for free
/ agent / month starting price
用户限制 ?
标准版 多达 3 个坐席
标准版 最多 5000 名支持人员
Premium 最多 5000 名支持人员
客户限制 ?
标准版 无限制
标准版 无限制
Premium 无限制
SLA 承诺 99.9% 的正常运行时间 ?
存储 ?
标准版 2 GB 文件存储
标准版 250 GB 文件存储
Premium 无限存储
支持 ?
标准版 社区支持
标准版 9-5 标准支持
Premium 全天候 Premium 支持

* 包括 Confluence


借助 Atlassian Access 增强云安全性

*需单独订阅才可使用,您可以在 Jira Service Desk 中启用该订阅。



Cloud 定价常见问题

What will my Jira Service Desk subscription cost? show +

You can find detailed pricing for Jira Service Desk Cloud here.

Use our pricing calculator to determine your exact price. For more than 5,000 users, explore our self-managed options.

Do you offer annual subscriptions? show +

Yes! For annual subscriptions, you will be billed for the tier that most closely matches your user count. Annual subscriptions may offer a discount depending on the number of users purchased.

To purchase Jira Service Desk as an annual subscription, simply start a free 7-day trial and follow our instructions for switching to annual.

Use our pricing calculator to determine your exact price.

Can I try Jira Service Desk for free? show +

Of course! Your first 7 days are on us. Sign up for a new Jira Service Desk site to get started. If you love it (which we believe you will), you can continue using Jira Service Desk simply by providing us with your payment details.

Can I extend my Cloud 7-day free trial? show +

Absolutely! Cloud trials can be extended to a maximum of 30 days - Just give us a shout!

What payment options do you accept? show +

Monthly subscriptions are payable by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express), or PayPal. Annual subscriptions can be paid via credit card, bank transfer, or check.

What's the difference between Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core? show +

Jira Service Desk is built for IT and service teams, providing them with everything they need for out-of-the-box incident, problem, and change management.

Jira Software is built specifically for software teams. Jira Software combines powerful developer tool integrations with the most important features and functionality required for great agile software development.

Jira Core is a simplified project management tool for customers looking to extend the power of Jira to their organization.

Who are agents in Jira Service Desk? show +

Agents work on tickets and communicate directly with your customers. Agents can:

  • Access both the Customer Portal and the Agent interface
  • View queues, reports, SLA goals, and the customers list
  • Add, edit and delete customer-facing and private comments on issues
  • Manage content in a connected knowledge base
How are agents counted towards billing? show +

You can add and remove agents as your team changes. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you will be billed for the following month's subscription based on the exact number of Jira Service Desk agents you have. For annual subscriptions, you will be billed for the tier that most closely matches your agent count.

Who are customers in Jira Service Desk? show +

A Jira Service Desk customer is anyone who create requests through the customer portal or by email. Customers can:

  • Create, comment on, and track requests through the customer portal
  • Create and comment on requests via email
  • Add comments and attachment to requests
  • Add other participants to their own requests

Customers are free and do not require a Jira Service Desk license. Anyone can create a service desk request and you'll never be limited to how many customers can access your service desk.

What is Confluence Knowledge Base pricing with Jira Service Desk? show +

Jira Service Desk customers can browse knowledge base articles at no charge within the customer portal. Only knowledge base contributors, such as your agents, will need to be licensed in Confluence Knowledge Base.

What can Jira Software or Jira Core users do in Jira Service Desk if they do not have an agent license? show +

Users who are not licensed as agents in Jira Service Desk will still be able to perform various actions within a ticket, including:

Help diagnose issues through internal comments with agents

Watch tickets and receive notifications for updates

Still have questions on how roles and licensing work? Read on.

Do I need to have the same number of Jira Software and Jira Service Desk licenses? show +

No, you do not need to have the same number of Jira Software and Jira Service Desk licenses. You can select and pay for what you need with each product.

What's the difference between the Cloud and the Server deployment options? show +

With the Jira Service Desk Cloud, we host Jira Service Desk in the cloud for you and set up your instance instantly. After a 7-day free trial, subscription pricing is month-to-month. This is generally the best option for teams who want to get started quickly and teams who don't want to manage the technical complexity of hosting themselves.

With the Jira Service Desk Server, you host Jira Service Desk on your own hardware. This is generally the best option for teams who want additional flexibility in the setup process and want to host the product on their own servers. To host Jira Service Desk, you purchase a license after your 30 day free trial, and can renew that license each year to maintain access to support services and new releases.

Does Jira Service Desk have SAML single sign-on? show +

You can enable SAML single sign-on and other enhanced security features (enforced two-step verification, password policies, and user provisioning) with a subscription to Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access gives you one place to manage users and enforce security policies across all your Atlassian Cloud products including Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Can Jira Service Desk connect to my Active Directory? show +

With a subscription to Atlassian Access, you can connect Jira Service Desk directly to your Active Directory to automate the user provisioning process.

When should I choose the Premium plan over the Standard plan? show +

Jira Service Desk Standard is the service desk you know and love today. Jira Service Desk Premium helps teams confidently scale their IT service by offering unlimited storage, a financially-backed 99.9% uptime SLA, and 24/7 Premium Support with a 1 hour response time for critical issues. If you have concerns about downtime or service interruptions, are looking to scale Jira Service Desk to support your org and customers, or have a globally distributed team that relies on Atlassian products as mission critical for success, Premium is a great fit for you.

What's the difference between Premium and Atlassian Access? Do I need both? show +

Our Premium plan enables teams to scale reliably and confidently with unlimited storage, 24/7 Premium Support, and a financially backed 99.9% uptime SLA.

Think of Atlassian Access as your “umbrella policy” for enterprise-grade security and user management in the cloud. AtlassianAccess enables admins to enforce consistent, company-wide security and access policies across all Atlassian cloud products being used within their organization.

When you layer Access on top of our Premium plans, you’ll get an enterprise-grade solution that allows you to scale and secure content and users across your entire organization.


查看 Atlassian Cloud 许可Jira Service Desk 许可

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  • Atlassian-supported disaster recovery


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Jira Software 和 Jira Service Desk 之间有何区别?

Jira Software 专为软件团队而构建。Jira Software 集功能强大的开发人员工具集成和最重要的敏捷开发元素于一身。

Jira Service Desk 专为 IT 和服务团队而构建,可为他们提供管理非常规事件、变更和问题所需的一切。

谁是 Jira Service Desk 的代理?



  • 访问客户门户和支持人员界面
  • 查看队列、报告、SLA 目标和客户列表
  • 在事务上添加、编辑和删除面向客户的个人评论
  • 管理连接的知识库中的内容

谁是 Jira Service Desk 的客户?

Jira Service Desk 客户是指通过客户门户或电子邮件创建请求的任何人。客户可以:

  • 通过客户门户创建、评论和跟踪请求
  • 通过电子邮件创建和评论请求
  • 向请求添加评论和附件
  • 向其自己的请求添加其他参与者

客户可免费使用,并且不需要 Jira Service Desk 许可证。每个人都可以创建服务台请求,并且可访问服务台的客户数量不会受到限制。

Confluence 知识库针对 Jira Service Desk 的定价如何?

Jira Service Desk 客户可以免费浏览客户门户中的知识库文章。只有知识库投稿人(如支持人员)需要在 Confluence 知识库中获得授权。

如果没有代理许可证,Jira Software 或 Jira Core 用户可以在 Jira Service Desk 中执行哪些操作?

未作为 Jira Service Desk 中的支持人员获得授权的用户仍可以在请求单内执行各种操作,包括:

  • 通过支持人员的内部评论帮助诊断问题
  • 查看请求单并接收更新通知


我是否需要拥有相同数量的 Jira Software 和 Jira Service Desk 许可证?

不需要,您不需要拥有相同数量的 Jira Software 和 Jira Service Desk 许可证。您可以针对每款产品选择所需许可证并付款。

Cloud 和 Server 方案之间有何区别?

借助 Cloud 方案,我们可以在云中为您托管 Jira Service Desk 并即时设置您的实例。7 天免费试用期结束后,需要每月支付订阅费。对于希望快速入门的团队及不想处理自主管理所涉及的复杂技术的团队而言,这通常是最佳选择。

借助 Server 方案,您可以将 Jira Service Desk 托管在自己的硬件上。对于希望设置过程更灵活及在自己的服务器上托管产品的团队而言,这通常是最佳选择。要托管 Jira Service Desk,您需要在 30 天免费试用期结束后购买许可证,并每年续订许可证以持续获得支持服务和新版本。


查看我们完整的 Jira Service Desk 许可常见问题