Innovate faster in cloud

Enhanced security. More reliable. Easier to manage. Accelerated innovation. When you move to cloud, you get the best of Atlassian – a platform that grows with you, integrates with all your tools, and gets smarter and faster every day.

All the pieces for peace of mind


Our security team
is your security team

Lock behind clouds


Our team of experts works around the clock to keep your data secure. We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest. And with added security controls like SAML SSO, enforced two-factor authentication, and SCIM user provisioning available with Atlassian Access, it’s easy to make sure your organization is safe.


Compliance is taken
care of

Shield with checkmark


Meet global compliance requirements with coverage for SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27018, GDPR, and more. We’re constantly expanding coverage, and we regularly perform comprehensive security audits to provide independent assurance that we’re meeting your needs.


Privacy in our hands,
control in yours

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Atlassian products are designed to protect your users' privacy. We commit to meeting the highest bar for personal data privacy and support your organization in meeting data privacy obligations around the world like GDPR.


Don’t let downtime
keep you up

Bars in clouds


Reliability and performance are critical to keeping your work moving forward. Our cloud products are stable, secure, and performant at scale. And if you need even more assurance, we offer uptime SLAs of 99.9% and 99.95% in our cloud Premium and Enterprise plans.

Tom Wylie

Atlassian Product Owner

“We calculated a 4-6 million dollar annual impact from degradation and outages alone. This needed to be fixed, and the trend of downtime would pay for the transformation [to cloud].”

Take the frustration out of administration

Simplified admin

Add value in new,
more strategic ways


Simplified admin

Focus on the things that matter, not maintaining servers. Free up time for more strategic work like end-user training and adoption, governance, integrations, reporting and analytics, and other proactive initiatives. Imagine what you can achieve with all this extra time.

Centralized governance

One spot to manage
teams and users

User avatar with settings icon

Centralized governance

No matter which cloud products you use, manage all of your users in one place. With Atlassian Access, you can build a scalable governance plan without stifling agility or collaboration.

Easy updates

Staying up to date is

Up arrow in clouds

Easy updates

Get the latest features without the administrative hassle of upgrades and maintenance. Need to manage change? No problem – with Release Tracks and Sandbox environments in our Premium and Enterprise plans, you can test and roll out updates smoothly so nobody’s caught off guard. 

Jim Tompkins

Program Manager

“Our diversity of tools prevented us from maintaining the high levels of security and compliance we needed…With a common set of cloud-based enterprise tools, we’re much more comfortable.”

Chris Haley

DevOps Manager

“In cloud, we don’t have to maintain our own servers anymore. That has freed up time so we can focus on improving our own software instead of babysitting on-premise infrastructure.”

Everything just works together


A unified experience
across tools

Layered project versions


When all of your tools are connected and work perfectly with one another, you and your users don’t lose time or brain space context switching. With one cloud platform underpinning our cloud products, everything looks, feels, and is smarter, more consistent, and more connected. 

Apps and integrations

Help your tools play
as a team

Apps and integrations

Atlassian partners with other best-in-class SaaS companies so that your team can do its best work using the tools you already know and love. Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, and more – everyone’s here for the party. 

More reasons to switch

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Automation. Machine learning. Intelligent search. Integrated platform. For years, you’ve been asking, “when is this coming to server?” In cloud, you’ll always get the best of Atlassian.

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No matter your team size or requirements today or in 10 years, we offer a range of plans, from Free to Enterprise, that are flexible enough to grow with you and meet your needs. And changing plans is simple.

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Our free mobile apps for cloud offer fast, secure collaboration without the added step of signing in to a VPN. Wherever you’re working from, you can easily stay connected and keep work moving forward.

Kevin McWilliams

System Administrator

“The mobile application has been a significant gain for us. Additionally, the direct integration with other products we use like Slack and GSuite has been a productivity assist as well.”

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