We’ve always believed that our cloud platform can truly transform the way our customers work, and we’ve been fortunate to hear from hundreds of users of Atlassian cloud products about the positive impact it has had on their daily work.

Earlier this year, we reached out to customers who transitioned to Atlassian cloud from self-managed deployments, asking them how their experience has changed since making the move. We heard back from nearly 500 people across over 100 different organizations, and the responses were resounding: teams are finding immense value in working on cloud. The majority of our surveyed Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, and Bitbucket customers recommended running Atlassian products on cloud rather than server or Data Center.

For instance, a Site Reliability Engineer at a leading software development company shared, “I immediately noticed the improved performance of Jira and Confluence after the migration. As we often tweak our Jira projects, it’s nice to have the cloud version, which is always up to date and more complete than the server version.”

Analyzing the feedback, we identified 8 key areas where customers are realizing value from their cloud deployments:

1. Increased Productivity

Teams are experiencing significant productivity gains on cloud. Features such as more robust automation and an extensive template library are accelerating tasks, allowing teams to focus on value-added work and reducing redundant administrative duties.

A Software Developer at an enterprise content management company highlighted, “Atlassian products are like [a] one-stop solution for my day-to-day work, increasing my productivity [and] providing a more agile way of working and collaborating.”

Across industries, there’s an average productivity improvement of at least 27%, with some industries reporting even larger gains.

2. Improved Cross-Functional Collaboration

Atlassian’s mission is to empower teams to collaborate seamlessly, and our customers are seeing improved cross-functional collaboration in the cloud. From Engineering to IT to Product to Marketing, teams are partnering more effectively thanks to features like Smart Links, cross-product search, and @mentions.

An IT Project Director at a financial services company emphasized, “[There is] much more opportunity for collaboration in cloud. Confluence in particular provides great visibility into what matters most.”

On average, organizations reported a 47% improvement in cross-functional collaboration since implementing Atlassian cloud.

3. Faster Insight-Driven Decision-Making

Leaders strive to make data-driven decisions, but sometimes finding the right data is difficult or takes too much time. With tools like Atlassian Analytics, leaders are able to bring data together much more quickly and use it in a more meaningful way – saving time spent gathering and synthesizing data while also increasing the degree of confidence leaders have in making decisions based on that data.

A Senior Data QA Engineer at a biotechnology company remarked, “Jira Cloud is a very mature and intuitive tool that helps a scrum master and product owner/manager to gather complex insights faster. It is very easy to use and provides actionable insights to work on.”

Large enterprises saw a 44% improvement in their ability to make insight-driven decisions more quickly, with notable progress in industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, and Computer Software.

4. Improved Employee Engagement

Modern tools and innovative technology contribute to engaged, productive employees. And now more than ever, keeping your team engaged is critical in order to retain top talent. Atlassian cloud delivers innovative capabilities quickly and seamlessly, allowing team members to achieve their goals by leveraging the latest in technology advances including AI and automation features.

A Lead Data Scientist at a supply chain commerce company expressed, “I love using these products as they help me to manage time, collaborate with others easily, [and] there is a significant impact on my productivity.”

A remarkable 82% of surveyed users indicated greater engagement since their companies adopted Atlassian cloud.

5. Faster Shipment of Quality Code

Moving to the cloud is not only helping companies save money; it’s improving the frequency and quality of product releases. Organizational growth is quickly becoming a major benefit of cloud adoption.

A Senior Software Engineer at a software development company noted, “We utilize [Atlassian cloud] products for improving productivity through common and consistent documentation. We’re seeing more effective management of the sprint tasks and the reporting available in the cloud helps to increase the velocity of the team as well.”

Engineering, Product, and IT teams reported increases of 49%, 24% and 48%, respectively, in their ability to ship quality code, faster.

6. Accelerated Service Delivery

Successful organizations distinguish themselves through exceptional customer service and project delivery. With Atlassian cloud, companies are finding it easier to provide this level of service to both internal and external stakeholders.

A QA Engineer at a wholesale building materials company shared, “As a project manager, this [cloud] migration has helped the coordination between people on each project, resulting in faster delivery.”

79% of surveyed organizations indicated a 10% improvement in the speed of service of project delivery since implementing Atlassian cloud.

7. Reduced Context Switching

Context switching is productivity’s arch-nemesis. Sound familiar? That’s why Atlassian cloud has tighter integrations across Atlassian products and other third-party tools and is built to bring the right context into the tools teams use to get work done.

An R&D Manager at a media & entertainment company shared, “So far, migrating to Jira and Confluence has helped us as a research team align closer with all our product counterparts. Additionally, since we are all now on one system, there has been less document duplication, better handover for research projects and cohesion when communicating stakeholder, technical, business, and user requirements.”

51% of surveyed organizations reported at least a 25% reduction in context switching with Atlassian Cloud.

8. Faster Time to Value

Cloud transformation can be complex, but tangible results are being achieved faster than ever.

An IT Manager at an enterprise computer software company highlighted, “We got more organized and things are easier to track and share with other teams/projects as well as involve contractors for effective collaboration. It was a super quick onboarding for contractors and newcomers.”

Remarkably, 82% of respondents observed benefits within just 6 months, and 24% even saw value within the first month post-migration, accelerating the return on investment from cloud adoption.

See the Value for Yourself

Whether it’s the innovation and value we’re shipping in our cloud solutions or the improvements we’ve made to the migration process itself, there’s never been a better time to consider transforming your business with Atlassian cloud. Our focus remains on helping you achieve your goals and work more effectively, collaboratively, and productively.

8 ways Cloud is transforming our customers’ businesses