Server to cloud migration guide

Use our step-by-step migration guide for resources and best practices to ensure a successful move to cloud

Choose your migration production window

After you’ve run your test migration and have an idea of how much time your migration will take, choose the date for production migration. If possible, schedule your migration at night, over a weekend, or another time when your team is less likely to need access to your self-hosted instance or cloud site to reduce the risk of disruption and data discrepancies. Don’t forget to factor in some extra time for troubleshooting!

Notify support of your production window

Once you’ve decided on your timeline, understand our support scope and notify us of your migration window . If you'll be performing your migration over a weekend or holiday, or are migrating over 1,000 users to cloud, get in touch at least two weeks in advance so we can have support on hand to offer guidance. Note that weekend and holiday support does not cost you extra.