Server to cloud migration guide

Use our step-by-step migration guide for resources and best practices to ensure a successful move to cloud

Assemble your team

Assemble your team

Like we said before, migration is a team sport - so it’s time to build your dream team to help your org make the move. In most migrations, the roles outlined below are involved for end to end success, however, for smaller teams the same person may wear multiple hats. Remember, you can always lean on Atlassian for support.

  • Project manager: A dedicated person who will put together and present the business case, manage the migration, track status and individual tasks, and be the main point of contact.
  • Systems admins: Configured your systems in server and know the permissions and workflows that need to migrate. They may also perform the migration. If they don’t have cloud experience, you may also engage a Solution Partner or tap someone else on the team to perform the actual migration. 
  • Executive sponsor: Handles budget approval, approves business case, and may be the company’s Atlassian champion.
  • Technical team and testers: Dedicated team that performs the migration. Before the migration, you’ll want to run a series of tests to make sure teams can complete important tasks. Testers should come from a variety of teams who’ll be using your systems in different ways and should test for their most important tasks.
  • Security, legal and compliance: Someone from security and legal should be involved early to make sure the migration plan meets all security and compliance standards (and to keep these requirements from being a blocker later in the process).
  • Product champions: Migration will change the way teams work, which means teams will need training, troubleshooting, and possibly workflow brainstorming help. This may be taken on by a point person or may be a group effort.    

It’s important for any team to set guidelines for operating during a migration to ensure clear and consistent lines of communication. Some tips for making sure your team is operating smoothly:

  1. Set clear roles and responsibilities early
  2. Communicate constantly
  3. Plan early and put together your team as soon as possible
  4. Bring on a Solution Partner when and where it makes sense. We see more than 60% of migrations over 1,000 users and 100% of migrations over 5,000 users bring in a Solution Partner. If it doesn’t make sense, or you’re not sure, reach out to Atlassian’s support team for some guidance.