ShipIt Days at Atlassian

Every quarter, we give employees the chance to work on anything that relates to our products, and deliver it during ShipIt Day, our 24-hour hackathon. Been wanting to build that plugin, redesign that interface, or completely rethink that feature that’s been bugging you? You’ve got 24 hours...go!


  • Foster creativity – When there’s no rules, anything’s possible.
  • Scratch itches – Every employee has something that bugs them about our products, and ShipIt is the time to tackle it.
  • Get radical, dude – ShipIt gives a spotlight and traction to radical ideas that might not normally be prioritzed.
  • Have fun! – Traditions like ShipIt Day help make Atlassian a more fun place to work.


Some of the projects from ShipIt Day are turned into features that go into production like FishEye's side-by-side diffs. Others were built for fun and learning like Atlassian Invaders


Want to start your own ShipIt Day? Check out our FAQ and ShipIt Live 2013. Plenty of other companies have, including Six Feet Up, and Snowflake Software. And it's not just companies, even high schoolers!

Dan Pink, giving ShipIt Day props at TED

The Winner's Booty

  • ShipIt champion shirt
  • Possession of the sought-after ShipIt Day trophy
  • A pirate's booty of bragging rights and pride

What Can Happen in 24 Hours? Thursday Friday

Atlassian ShipIt Days