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We’re offering Server and Data Center customers the opportunity to explore and evaluate cloud for up to 12 months—at no extra cost.

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Free cloud migration trials

We provide free, extended migration trials that match the length of your remaining server maintenance (up to 12 months) to help you evaluate and migrate to cloud over time—without disrupting your teams.

Try Standard or Premium

In cloud you have the flexibility to choose between plans based on your team’s needs. Try Premium for free using your extended migration trial.

Test drive new features

Get the latest features and improvements without the need for weekend upgrades or server downtime. Visit our Platform Roadmap to see what’s coming next in cloud.

Activating your free migration trial

1. Navigate to my.atlassian.com

2. Select the Server or Data Center license you’re considering migrating

3. Navigate to the extended cloud trial offer and select "Start my trial"

4. Follow the signup screen and create a new cloud site or select an existing one

Every organization is unique when it comes to cloud migration, but we have the resources, tools, and team ready to help you each step of the way.

Still have questions? Read the FAQs or contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

How long do cloud migration trials last? Show +

Cloud migration trials are extended to match the remaining duration of your current Server or Data Center license (up to 12 months), and allow you to explore, assess, and test cloud over time—without disrupting your team. There is no credit card required.

Your cloud migration trial also matches the user tier (up to 10,000) associated with your Server/Data Center license, and is intended to help your organization evaluate our cloud products over a longer period of time than our standard 7-day trials (and without the functionality limitations of a 10-user Free plan).

Additionally, cloud migration trials let you to choose between Standard and Premium plans, absolutely free. If you have more than 10,000 users and are interested in evaluating our cloud products, please contact us to get started.

What will happen to my existing Server or Data Center license? Show +

Cloud migration trials do not impact your current license in any way. You'll create a new URL (yoursitename.atlassian.net) in order to access and evaluate cloud using this extended trial.

If you choose to move to cloud, our team can provide a credit for any unused maintenance or subscription fees remaining on your self-managed license. If you decide to stay on Server or Data Center, your existing license will continue to renew as normal. 

How should I use my cloud migration trial? Show +

Cloud migration trials last for much longer than a standard trial, and are intended to be versatile to help your organization throughout the entire migration journey.

We see most customers use them in 3 ways:

  • Tour: Use your free migration trial to explore cloud, test differences in functionality, and try out new cloud features.
  • Proof of concept: Cloud migration trials can also be used as a proof of concept for migration, used to set up initial projects, or build your business case with internal stakeholders. 
  • Test: Finally, you can use this trial to run multiple test migrations in a full production environment, without any limitations. This is highly recommended. 

Our goal is to make sure your cloud migration goes as smoothly as possible, without worrying about double-paying for licenses or rushing through testing. Cloud migration trials are meant to support your business every step of the way, and ensure your migration is a success. 

Is there a minimum trial length? Show +

Cloud migration trials last for a minimum of 60 days. If your current license is expiring in less than 60 days, or has already expired, you’re still eligible for a full 2-month extended cloud trial.

Can this offer be added to existing cloud subscriptions? Show +

Cloud migration trials can be used to start a new cloud site, extend the length of an existing 7-day cloud evaluation, or be applied to any cloud site on a Free plan (allowing you to upgrade to Standard and Premium at no cost for the duration of your trial). 

Existing active paid cloud subscriptions are not eligibile for this offer.

How many cloud migration trials am I eligible for? Show +

Your cloud migration trial is designed to match the size and duration of an existing Server or Data Center product license, and can only be activated once.

If you own multiple Server/Data Center licenses, you are able to start a separate cloud migration trial for each license with a unique Support Entitlement Number (SEN).

Is there an extended cloud trial available for Access and/or Marketplace apps? Show +

No, however, Access and Marketplace apps include a free 30-day trial by default. After 30 days, Access and/or Marketplace apps can be purchased while you continue to explore cloud and plan your migration using the extended cloud trial.

Who is eligible for this offer? Show +

Customers who own a Commercial or Academic Server or Data Center license with 11+ users are eligible for the free cloud migration trial.

Starter tier (10 users or less) and Community license holders are not eligible at this time. Customers with up to 10 users / 3 agents are encouraged to explore Atlassian Cloud Free plans when migrating to cloud.


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We protect your data with encryption in transit and at rest and provide administrative controls to enforce organization-wide protection such as SAML SSO, enforced 2FA, and SCIM.

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We're committed to protecting the privacy of you and your customers' data through industry best-practices like Privacy Shield and exceeding GDPR compliance.

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Through our compliance program, we undergo independent third-party audits and certify our products with SOC2, ISO 27001/27018, and more.

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Our products are designed for high performance and availability and built on best-in-class core technologies so you can scale confidently and securely.

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As their user base grew, the VSCO team needed tools that could grow as they, too, scaled. Migrating from server to cloud was the solution.

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