Using Confluence as an internal knowledge base

A knowledge base is not just for IT. See how Confluence can be used as an intranet or wiki that keeps every type of team on the same page

Create a knowledge base space

Confluence template screenshot.

Once you have set global permissions, you can easily give users fast access to relevant solutions and search results.

Follow along

  1. Choose Spaces in the top navigation bar, then Create a space. Find the “Knowledge base” space type.
  2. Choose Space Settings in the left sidebar, then select “Space permissions” to set desired access for the space, including anonymous access.
  3. Use the Create button in the top navigation bar and use a how-to article template, troubleshooting article template, or others to create your first knowledge base document.

Knowledge base customizations are endless.

  • Check out this knowledge base templates collection to get started creating quickly.
  • When starting your knowledge base space, organize a team brainstorm (using Confluence whiteboards (beta) to align on labels and categories for space-wide organization.
  • Add page labels to specify topics or categories to make the page easily findable and the space self-organized over time.
  • The knowledge base space type comes pre-configured with Livesearch and Content By Label macros. Teammates can use these to search for topics, labels, or specific pages in the space.
Pro Tip

Integrate your knowledge base with other Atlassian products, like Jira Service Management for ITSM teams.

Edit page templates

The more guidance and structure you put in page templates, the faster your team can create.

Follow along

  1. Go to Space Settings > Look and feel > Templates.
  2. Edit any of the existing templates to your team’s needs, or create a new one using the option at the top-right.

Customize your space to look exactly how you want

  • Click the Settings icon on the right side of the top navigation bar to find configuration options, like adding a space logo, color scheme, and shortcut links.
  • Edit the space homepage to add a custom welcome message.
Pro Tip

Organize your knowledge base by creating a parent page for each product or service you offer, and related knowledge as child pages within.

Communication and notification options

Page builder.

Try some out-of-the-box options to make communications and notifications easier for your team.

  • Blog - Use blog updates and encourage people to watch for new blogs in your space.
  • Watch - Encourage teammates to watch pages that interest them, or watch the entire space.
  • Comments - Allow users to comment on articles as a simple way to connect or ask questions. 
Pro Tip

Check out 5 tips for building a powerful knowledge base with Confluence.

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