Organize and customize your Confluence space

Wondering the best way to structure your work in Confluence? Here’s what you need to know to stay organized.

Parent pages, shortcuts, and labels

Spend a moment now setting up your space structure, so all stakeholders can quickly find the content they need.

  • Use parent & child pages - With a few clicks, create a content hierarchy that’s visible and accessible in the page tree on the left sidebar. For example, with biweekly retrospectives, add a parent page titled “Retrospectives”, then nest biweekly meeting notes as child pages beneath it.
  • Create shortcuts - Quickly create unique space shortcut links that are pinned to the space sidebar. Use these to make important content easier to find. Just hover over shortcuts in the left navigation and click on the pencil icon.
  • Add labels - Labels make it easy to identify related pages and attachments. For example, add a recruiting label to all pages related to your talent search. You can also search by label or add a list of all content with the same label to a page.
Pro Tip

If you apply a label to a page template, it’ll automatically appear on pages you create with that template.

Organize & customize your space

To keep content organized, set up a routine around maintaining your space with people on your team.

Pro tip

Set automated reminders to delete, archive, or review outdated pages.

As a space admin, you can customize your space to fit your team’s unique needs.

  • Change your logo to something your team will recognize or find relevant
  • Add a theme from the Atlassian Marketplace to update the look
  • Edit the space sidebar to show only the areas your team needs
  • Add an emoji to the title of the page
Pro tip

Set a global look and feel that's applied at the site level and reflected on all newly created spaces.

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