SOP template

An SOP template provides a standardized and structured format that ensures consistency and clarity in the execution of tasks. It typically comprises five main parts: title, purpose, scope, responsibilities, and procedures. By clearly defining each aspect of a task, you eliminate confusion and streamline workflows. This also creates a high standard of work across your company, as new and established employees can always refer to these documents to quickly understand their roles and responsibilities.

What is an SOP template?

An SOP template, or standard operating procedures template, is a structured document that outlines the steps for a task. It serves as an essential piece of documentation for communicating and systematically recording procedures. 

Companies usually implement SOPs when they want to standardize common tasks, so teams perform them consistently and according to guidelines every time. Simply put, an SOP template is a tool to ensure uniformity in task execution.

Why use SOP templates?

As businesses grow and evolve, it becomes more challenging to maintain a consistent standard across teams. Using SOP templates bridges this gap by offering a centralized reference point. It helps teams to swiftly align with company standards and avoid reinventing the wheel for recurrent tasks. It's a strategic move toward operational excellence and streamlined workflows.

Better organization

An SOP example template provides a clear structure, allowing managers to categorize and sequence specific steps. This framework eliminates ambiguity, making procedures easy for team members to understand and execute. It also ensures you include all necessary components of a process, leaving no room for oversight or omission.


SOP templates provide uniformity to minimize variations and reduce the risk of errors. In turn, task completion quality doesn’t fluctuate, regardless of who performs the task. When every team member follows the same procedures, process outcomes become predictable and reliable.

Increased efficiency

With a pre-built template, teams can quickly set up SOPs. Managers can swiftly modify predefined sections, spending less time drafting and more time focusing on task-specific details. This results in faster SOP implementation, helping your team get on the path to consistent task completion in no time.

Continuous improvement

An SOP template acts like a roadmap for processes. It helps teams do things the same way every time. When something doesn’t work well, it’s easy to spot and tweak because you’ve got a clear baseline to start with.


Think of an SOP template as a delegation tool. It spells out who does what, leaving no room for the “I thought he was doing it” moments. Everyone knows their part, and it’s all in black and white. This makes it straightforward to follow up and get your team to complete tasks.

Improved communication

SOP templates also act to cut through the noise. They provide direct and straightforward guidelines, which minimizes confusion and keeps everyone on the same page. This clarity in communication speeds up processes and improves efficiency within your company.

Featured products:


Confluence offers remote-friendly team workspaces where users can access and collaborate on SOP templates, enabling swift documentation and tailored problem-solving from virtually any location. By linking project plans directly to status updates, it ensures that every team member is in the loop – fostering a transparent and communicative work environment. Confluence scales with your company’s growth, helping manage the increase in process complexity with ease.


Jira offers a centralized hub where teams can track all work activities. This facilitates the execution of tasks in laid-out SOP templates by creating a bridge between documentation and actionable steps. Jira offers a wide range of pre-configured templates tailored to various teams, departments, and project times. These templates provide a streamlined starting point for your next project.

Business Process Manager

The Business Process Manager app offers intuitive tools for seamlessly managing and optimizing SOP templates within the Atlassian ecosystem.

How to get started with the SOP template

1. Define a strategy

Before diving into the free SOP template, craft a clear strategy, stating the task's purpose and the outcomes you aim for.

2. Input basic details

Kick off by entering foundational details such as the procedure's name, initiation date, and effective period. These create a reference for everyone using the SOP.

3. Choose an assignee

For each task, assign a dedicated individual or role. Delegation reinforces accountability and clarity in task ownership.

4. Use pre-built logic

Use existing logical structures to guide the task flow. Direct certain tasks to move forward or pause based on predefined conditions or dependencies.

5. Add approvals

Determine which steps demand a sign-off and designate someone to oversee and approve them, upholding quality and adherence to standards.

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