Collaborate on a Confluence page

When you collaborate on content in Confluence, everyone gets the chance to contribute and feel invested in the team’s output.

Work on a page simultaneously

The more, the merrier in Confluence! Multiple people can edit a single page at the same time, for real-time remote collaboration and faster progress.

  • See the user avatars near the publish button which tell you who’s currently working on the page.
  • To add someone else, just click the + button. Changes save and sync automatically, in real-time.
  • Leave a page comment for the whole piece, or use inline comments to respond to a specific portion.
  • Use @ mentions in your comment to notify the recipient of your comment or question.
  • Use bullets and numbered lists from the editor toolbar, links and anchors to capture the full context of your content.
  • Drop images into a comment to illustrate your point.
  • Remember to like pages, posts, and comments, so the author gets notified that know you’re a fan.

Pro Tip

If enough people like and comment on it, your page will appear on the popular tab of the activity feed in Home.

Share a page inside & outside your org

Once you’ve made a beautiful Confluence page, you’ll want to show it off to both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Share a page by email by clicking the Share button, adding recipients, and selecting “Send.”
  • Use a link to share clicking Share, clicking Copy Link, and pasting it in a chat or email window.
  • To share with agencies and others outside your company, add users to your Confluence site, or use public links to share to anyone with the link (coming soon.)

Pro Tip

Access problems? Check space and page restrictions, or ask users to easily request access

Watch & star pages to stay updated

Confluence makes it simple to stay in the know on the latest developments.

Pro Tip

Use one of our productivity page templates to keep everyone focused and engaged in your meetings.

Use presenter mode & selective focus

Presenter mode lets you give your work the focus it deserves.

Follow along

  1. Go to more actions in the top right corner of a published page and select Presenter mode or press r.
  2. In the box that appears in the top right, click the arrows or lines to navigate between sections.
  3. To let others view the page in the Confluence app, click the QR code box in the bottom-right corner.
  4. Press esc on your keyboard or the Exit button in the top right to return to the standard Confluence view.

Confluence makes it easy to keep meeting attendees focused on the right parts of a page.

  • Presenter Mode makes a page full-screen, removing the navigation panels, menus, and in-line comments.
  • To keep attention on the parts you’re presenting, use the arrows to move between page sections; the selective focus feature grays out the rest.

Whiteboards (beta) enable teams to turn ideas into action, faster than ever before.

Use whiteboards for any number of collaborative activities

  • Brainstorm ideas, prioritize tasks, and visualize workflows with diagrams and flowchart templates.
  • Map broader relationships between work and teams to organize diverse efforts into a unified direction.
  • Convert sticky notes into Jira tasks to move work forward faster.

Confluence makes it easy for teams to explore ideas and bring them to life.

  • Use sticky notes for team voting, sharing feedback, and adding ideas.
  • Create paths between sticky notes, text objects, or shapes with lines.
  • Create blocks of body text with titles and headings, or take down some quick ideas with the text tool.
  • Build diagrams, mind maps, and flowcharts with a variety of shapes.
  • Visualize feedback and reactions with stamps and stickers.
  • Add more context to your whiteboarding sessions using smart links.
Pro Tip

Use Confluence’s mobile app to collaborate and stay informed and involved on the go.

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