Make compelling pages

To avoid losing your reader’s interest, long blocks of text should be easily scannable and visually appealing.

Confluence simplifies the creation of dynamic, memorable pages that keep readers engaged.

Change big blocks into scannable text

Confluence offers a variety of layout options to break up text blocks for a tidy look and feel.

  • Headings provide hierarchy and structure to longer documents
  • Drop in the Table of Contents macro for an automatically-generated navigation based on headings in your page
  • Columns help add visual variety and give your words some elbow room
  • Explore our themes and styling integrations for more options to spruce up your pages
  • For additional material or resources, use the expand macro to create collapsible sections 
  • Replace long URLs with smart links options for a page embed, simple page title, or a summary card.
  • Use already-formatted Confluence templates or customize them as needed


Pro Tip

Discover more visualization options with our Confluence integrations.

Use images and charts

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is choosing the right chart to display your information.

Try these options to see the positive effect on your Confluence pages' readership.

Pro Tip

See all emojis by typing /emoji. To add a favorite to your page, just type a colon (:) and its name.

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