Turn ideas into action

Bring the flexibility of a digital whiteboard into your team workspace at no extra cost. Brainstorm, plan, and action work like never before.

Image of a whiteboard

Say goodbye to your boring old whiteboard!

Brainstorm without boundaries

Collaborate, brainstorm, draw, and visualize in a freeform way.

  • Illustrate with stickies, lines, sections, and more
  • Engage teammates with real-time editing
  • Collaborate using stamps, timers, and more

Built-in Jira integrations

Quickly move from thinking to action in the tools you use.

  • Convert stickies and shapes into Jira issues
  • Create relationships between issues from a whiteboard using smart connectors
  • Take action in bulk using smart sections

Connect your work

Reduce the need for context switching by connecting your favorite tools.

  • Edit Jira issues, Confluence pages, and more without leaving your whiteboard
  • Embed Confluence pages and other Smart Links to see the whole picture
  • Reference work across tools like Figma, Google Docs, and Youtube.

Develop your creativity and generate fresh ideas with a disruptive visual brainstorm

Flow chart example

Create a safe space for feedback, celebrate wins, and visualize a way for your team to take action and improve.

Retro post-its

Prioritize the work that matters and convert ideas into action from sticky notes to Jira issues.

Illustration of roadmaps

Make planning easy by facilitating an open discussion with sticky notes, stamps, and votes.

Workflow illustration

Map out ideas, concepts, and projects all within Confluence whiteboards

Concept map illustration

Confluence whiteboards for Enterprise

Confluence whiteboards are the integrated whiteboarding solution for teams who don’t want to add another tool to their tech stack.

Illustration of a diamond with a price tag attached

Cost savings

Less expensive per user when compared to most standalone whiteboarding tools.

Illustration of a toolbox

Consolidate tools

Whiteboards in Confluence makes eliminating standalone whiteboarding tools from your tech stack a no-brainer.

Illustration of cubes attached to eachother

Advanced integrations

Integrate and connect your work in whiteboards for increased efficiency and reduced context switching.

Confluence whiteboards are trusted by thousands of companies

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What are Confluence whiteboards?

Confluence whiteboards are a visually interactive and collaborative tool designed to capture free-flowing thoughts and ideas that can be easily organized and transformed into actionable steps.

How much do Confluence whiteboards cost?

Confluence whiteboards are included with Confluence. There are a mix of whiteboard capabilities based on your Confluence edition.

Is Confluence whiteboards included in data center?

Confluence whiteboards is a cloud-only offering, and there are currently no plans to bring Confluence whiteboards to Data Center. We will continue to investigate the opportunity and share plans if that changes.

Are Confluence whiteboards SOC 2 or ISO certified?

Confluence whiteboards are both SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. See our Compliance Resource Center for more details.

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