Using Confluence with chat: Slack and Microsoft Teams

We all know the hassle of context switching; studies show it can take over 9 minutes to get back into a workflow after switching between apps.

Luckily, Confluence integrates with your favorite chat apps to keep collaboration flowing.

Integrate Confluence into Microsoft Teams

By integrating Confluence and Microsoft Teams, you can create, edit, and share Confluence pages without leaving Microsoft Teams.

  • Leverage the robust editor toolbar and content collaboration features of Confluence while keeping the conversation going in Teams.
  • Quickly search, access, and link Confluence pages within Microsoft Teams.
  • View, create, comment, and collaborate all Confluence pages in Teams.
  • Set notifications in Teams for updates to the Confluence pages and spaces you own or watch.
  • Have a quick look with a link preview if you’re too busy to read it all now.
  • Hold better meetings and co-create meeting notes with the in-meeting editor.

Learn how to maximize your Microsoft Teams integration.

Pro Tip

Already working in Microsoft Teams? Download the integration now.

Integrate Slack with Confluence

See Confluence notifications right within Slack.

  • Once integrated, set up notifications in Slack channels for changes to Confluence spaces and pages.
  • Keep workflows going by responding to alerts straight from Slack! Less toggling = more productivity.
  • Avoid spam by customizing which kind of notifications you want to receive in the Slack app settings.
  • See Confluence link previews when they’re included in Slack messages.
  • Like pages, reply to comments, and more without leaving Slack.

Learn more about how to use Slack and Confluence together.

Pro Tip

Download the official Confluence Cloud app for Slack to keep work connected.

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