We all want to stay in the loop. Why else would more than 50 percent of large companies use collaboration tools to help their teams message each other, create content together, and update each other on project statuses?

But with work spread across so many different platforms, it can be easy to get distracted. One minute you’re in your messaging tool responding to a teammate, then before you know it, a comment on your Confluence page is pulling you back into a project you were working on yesterday. And really you were supposed to be doing something else entirely all along.

Cue the Confluence Cloud app for Slack — giving you the tools you need to stay in-the-know about what’s happening with your work in Confluence, straight from your Slack channel. Standard and Premium users can accomplish even more with 50 percent off of a paid Slack plan for one year.

Fine-tune notifications

With all the things you have to juggle at work and all the different people you need to collaborate with, it’s difficult to cut down on the number of notifications you receive. But what’s easier to control is how you manage them. The Confluence Cloud app for Slack can help you with that.


From either Confluence or Slack, you can set up granular notifications and customize which pages and spaces you want to stay updated on, including when a child page is created, edited, or commented on. That means you’ll only get pinged about the work that you actually care about — no needless distractions.

Take action on content

Take things a step further by using Slack to actually interact with your work in Confluence and collaborate with your team. Whether you’re viewing a link preview of a page or a notification, keep your conversations in one place by responding from within your channel.

Want to give a team member some support on their page, comment, or blog? You can like it without leaving your channel using the 👍 reaction. Want to answer a quick question that somebody left on your project plan? Reply to comments straight away, all from the ease of your messaging app.

If you need to dive deeper into any of your content without disrupting the flow of your discussions, add it to your saved for later list in Confluence using the ⭐️ reaction on any notification or link preview.

Preview your work

The Confluence Cloud app for Slack also makes it easier than ever to bring context about your work to discussions with your team. 

When you paste a link to a Confluence page, comment, or blog in Slack, a link preview will automatically appear in your channel. That way, you can see the details of a piece of content to discuss with your team without breaking the flow of conversation and directing them all the way back to Confluence.

And if you and your team decide that you do want to dive all the way back into a Confluence page? It’s just a click away. Link previews are also helpful when it comes to searching in Slack. Need to find a link to a page that was shared with you last week but can’t remember the title? Just search for the author.

Get started right away

Since the app is automatically enabled across your Confluence Cloud site, getting started is just a few clicks away. To connect a Confluence page to your Slack channel:  

  1. Open the Confluence page you want to receive notifications for
  2. Click on the “…” in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Slack Notifications
  4. Select Add Subscription

You can also subscribe to an entire space by navigating to Space Settings > Integrations Slack Notifications Add SubscriptionIf at any time your team decides that it doesn’t want to use the integration, it can be disabled by your Confluence Cloud administrator.

Start connecting your pages to Slack now so that you can enrich your conversations with your team and stay in the loop, without getting distracted. For all eligible customers, accomplish more with our special offer of 50 percent off Slack for one year.

4 ways to use the Confluence Cloud integration with Slack