Two years ago, Atlassian and Slack forged an unprecedented partnership to shape the future of teamwork. Our partnership was inspired by a shared mission to help our customers strengthen team collaboration and deliver great outcomes. In essence, our teams came together so that we could help your teams work better together.

We are truly proud of the results we’ve achieved so far. Working together, our teams delivered cross-product integrations to unify work, drive more automation, and improve team productivity. Now, we are even more excited to announce what’s next. We are offering discounts on new Trello Business Class and Slack paid licenses, and want to share more details on the most popular cross-product features that are helping teams move work forward.

Atlassian and Slack unleash the potential of every team

Through Slack and Atlassian’s tightly woven platforms, including integrations across all Atlassian cloud products, teams never miss a beat. Customers using Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello can stay up to date on the status of work with real-time notifications and get greater context with insightful link previews – all directly from Slack.

IT and Support teams using Opsgenie can seamlessly collaborate through dedicated Slack channels, receive instant alerts, and add conversations to an incident timeline. Atlassian’s recent acquisition of Halp, a conversational ticketing solution, turns Slack into an easy-to-use help desk for any team. And when connected to Jira Service Desk, Halp creates two-way sync between Slack conversations and Jira Service Desk tickets. 

Fun Facts*

Over half a million monthly link previews shared in Confluence
7 million monthly Bitbucket notifications delivered in Slack
42 million monthly Jira notifications delivered in Slack

*as of July 2020

We’re inspired by the way teams throughout the world are using Atlassian and Slack to move work forward. Here are three popular productivity features you can leverage to limit context switching and maximize individual and team productivity.

1. Get real-time updates on the work that’s most important to you

With each of Atlassian and Slack’s integrations, you and your teams can get real-time Slack notifications from Atlassian projects that are most relevant to you.

Let’s say you’re part of a team that’s building a new website. You probably want to know when the design mocks are ready, or if a bug has been identified in staging. Creating dedicated Slack channels for projects helps the team quickly connect and, when a Trello link is shared in the channel, the team will see automatic updates as the card progresses through its workflow, keeping everyone informed of the project’s latest status. 

With the Slack and Atlassian integrations, every comment someone makes on the Confluence page… gets pushed to Slack, so we get real-time updates.

Dennis, Customer

Filter through notification noise by configuring exactly which types of updates you want to receive in real-time through Slack. Set up personal notification alerts that tell you when a colleague modifies a Jira issue you’re watching, mentions you in a comment on Confluence, or assigns you to review a pull request in Bitbucket.

2. Gain rich context, save everyone time

When product links are shared in a channel, your team can easily glean the title, status, owner, and more without ever having to leave Slack. Maybe you’re taking notes for an important call and want to share them with your team on Confluence. With the integrations’ rich preview capabilities, everyone saves time because they’re on the same page – no more wasted minutes spent locating links and typing out context for your colleagues.

It’s been helpful to see snippets of Confluence pages and Jira issues that people mention in channels. The integrations help provide a bridge to take them directly to issues and pages they need.

Sharon, Customer

3. Avoid context switching – take action directly from Slack

We’re all familiar with the inconvenience and lost productivity of switching between applications to perform tasks. According to research, “brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time.”

With Atlassian and Slack, you can keep your work moving forward – open Jira tickets, respond with feedback in a Confluence comment or nudge your colleagues on Bitbucket pull requests – all directly from Slack.

If your team is discussing a change that you want to capture and add to your backlog, you can easily create a Jira issue in the context of the conversation. Everyone in your shared Slack channel then has visibility, and can follow the issue as it moves to “done.” Ready to get started on that issue? Transition to “in progress” without leaving Slack.

It’s been super helpful to be able to create new Jira issues directly in Slack. It saves time, prevents us from needing to tell others to open an issue, and lets them see that’s how we get our work done.

Sharon, Customer

Bonus: Consolidate all of your Jira projects into a single view

App Home in Slack gives you a central place to view and work on your Jira projects. By selecting the Jira bot in Slack, you can view a list of issues you’re watching or are assigned to, and take action on them – watch, assign, transition, or comment. While the Jira integration offers the flexibility to work on an issue from any conversation, App Home gives you an overview of all of your work in one place.

A new offer from Atlassian and Slack

As a commitment to deliver even more value through our partnership, Atlassian and Slack are proud to announce a new offer to customers. Eligible Slack customers will receive an offer for Trello Business Class, and eligible Atlassian customers who do not currently have a Slack paid plan will receive an offer for 50% off new Slack paid plans*. Slack paid plans let customers make video calls, add unlimited integrations, and access unlimited message history alongside Jira, Confluence, Trello, and all the other integrations customers know and love.

*Atlassian customers on a paid plan may be eligible to get 50% off a new Slack Standard or Plus plan for 12 months. Offer is not available to Slack customers with an existing paid plan. Limited time offer. Terms apply.

How Slack + Atlassian are changing the productivity game