Running a startup is hard. Early-stage startups often grapple with a series of challenges that can hamper their growth and development. Key among these are issues related to building the right things, tracking progress, overseeing projects, and managing knowledge. As startups scale, these areas can become increasingly complex. This is where Atlassian products come in.

Many of today’s most successful startups — including companies like Cloudflare, Canva, and Rivian – have leaned into Atlassian to power their trajectory from MVP to IPO. They grew with Atlassian and we loved being on that journey with them.

And now, at Tech Week 2024 in New York City, we’re announcing a brand-new program designed to provide startup teams with everything they need to build and scale their company, including best-in-class tools to plan, track, and collaborate on work. Atlassian for Startups is our newest commitment to the next generation of rock star teams.

The program provides up to 50 free seats across our portfolio to eligible startups for a duration of one year. Products included are Jira, Confluence, Loom, Jira Product Discovery, Bitbucket, and Compass.

With Atlassian for Startups, participating companies can:

  1. Build the right things, fast with Jira.
  2. Get their team’s knowledge in one place with Confluence.
  3. Supercharge communications with async video using Loom.
  4. Capture and prioritize ideas with Jira Product Discovery.
  5. Create a better developer experience with Bitbucket and Compass.
  6. Lean into AI with Atlassian Intelligence (AI).

Partnering with AWS Activate, Accel, Blackbird, Menlo Ventures, and other startup accelerators and partners, we hope to supercharge early-stage companies that will become future unicorns. Startup teams participating in the program will also receive resources to help them grow including founder AMAs and best-practice sharing sessions from Atlassian leaders — many of whom have built and scaled startups.

Startups that use Atlassian’s tools often have more sophisticated, collaborative workflows that empower them to consistently ship better products and deliver more value to their customers.

Rich Wong, General Partner @ Accel

We understand how important it is to focus on building the right things at an early stage. With Atlassian for Startups, we want to help teams achieve exactly that, enabling them to focus on innovation so that, in turn, they can do what they do best: ship value to customers.

At Team ‘24, Cloudflare co-Founder, President, and COO, Michelle Zatlyn, joined Atlassian co-Founder and co-CEO, Scott Farquhar, on stage to discuss how Jira and Confluence supported Cloudflare’s journey from sticky notes to the IPO.

Do you think this is right for you? Visit Atlassian for Startups to learn more and apply to join the next generation of builders.


Announcing Atlassian for Startups