Team posters for better teamwork

From a dynamic duo to a global org, team posters foster collaboration by aligning everyone on clear roles and goals, up-to-date information, and resources for effective teamwork.

Use a team poster for better teamwork

Keeping the latest versions of everything in one place — accessible to all — ensure your team stays connected and productive. 

  • Set up a foundational new Confluence space for a team or a project.
  • Get a head start with our team poster template, which comes pre-loaded with sections to fill in about who the team is, what you’re working on, and why.
  • Make your own custom team page by clicking Create at the top.
Pro Tip

Run the Team Poster play with your entire team to get everyone on the same page about what they should be working on and why.

Build & enhance your team poster

Start with the basics, then add enhancements to keep everyone as productive and in sync as possible.

Dive deeper into team pages in Confluence:

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