Choosing Confluence for your team

Once you’ve set up your Confluence site, created your first space, and given teammates the right permissions, you’re ready to invite them in!

Change can be challenging, so as an admin of your Confluence site, how you introduce and roll out those changes matters. Thankfully, we know what it takes to succeed.

Your rollout should focus on two essential elements: the how (process) and the who (people).

How to roll out your site successfully

It’s no secret that how you roll out change is crucial to a successful adoption. Planning ahead is the key to a smooth transition to your team’s new flow.

  • Create a plan as early as possible, taking a phased approach to allow gradual familiarity. Use the sandbox and release tracks features to proceed step-by-step, with purpose.
  • Be prepared before the rollout with data points on the positive impact Confluence will have. Use the change management kick-off play to align your team on the value and purpose of the change.
  • Explain the new technology and hold sessions to walk through how to use it.
  • Discuss how it’ll affect every person and project—in both the short term and long term.
  • Remain open to questions and concerns, and always convey the flexibility of Confluence for any role.
Pro Tip

Use our dependency mapping play to ensure you’ve identified everything that might be affected. 

Who to involve in your Confluence rollout

You’ve got your plan, but now you need to socialize it. Our stakeholder communication template can help, but changing work processes will sometimes bring up unexpected feelings.

These 4 tips help turn even the most reluctant detractors into advocates for a transformed way of working together.

  • Share your full rollout plan and the clear logic behind decisions with all the folks you’ll be inviting into Confluence.
  • Collect champions – the early adopters who will try, learn, and excel before helping others feel comfortable.
  • Gather “before and after” anecdotes from your champions, so that others can hear the day-to-day efficiency and satisfaction gains just around the corner.
  • Slow your rollout with the skeptics. Make sure to tactfully counter any misinformation right away, then let forward momentum do the rest with help from our active community, FAQs, and other support resources.
Pro Tip

To get people onboard quickly, try our change management kickoff team play

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