Get your team on the same page

Why do you need Confluence? To make efficient teamwork a reality in your organization. With it, you can create, collaborate, organize, and achieve your goals faster.

Still wondering if Confluence is a knowledge base, project management tool, collaboration platform, or team-building resource?

The answer is YES, to all those things and more! With a single space to collect and share ideas, information, and updates, you’ll leave behind scattered silos and document hunting for good. 

Customers use Confluence to:

  • Collaborate more easily
  • Create a scalable knowledge base
  • Manage teams and tasks across projects
  • Create and manage a triage, customer service and/or support request system
  • Coordinate product launches
  • Create and manage a company intranet
  • House internal company policies and guidelines
  • Conduct team brainstorm and workshop sessions

…and more.

As your company’s single source of truth, Confluence also provides powerful analytics and seamless app integration so your teams can keep using their favorite tools in the same user interface.

Features to fuel your team’s work

So what’s so great about Confluence? Let’s start with six things that set us apart. 

  • A centralized workspace means no more jumping around between apps looking for what you need. Everyone accesses the most current info, which means less chaos and more effective collaboration to get things done.
  • Seamless integration with your favorite tools. What’s your go-to application? With thousands of integrations in Confluence, you can work how you want.
  • Safe and secure information sharing. Use customizable permissions, access for single-space guests, and external sharing (coming soon!) to control how you distribute your work.
  • Uncomplicated organization tools like bulk editing and archiving, shared team calendars, and a structured page tree th make it quick and easy to find just what you’re looking for. Plus, simple page versioning and features that promote consistent sharing keep your team aligned.
  • Customization with flair allows you to create and maintain a space with a look and feel that fits your needs. Add charts, graphs, tables images, gifs and more to bring information to life and promote engagement.
  • Better visibility into what’s working through admin insights into page use, user views, comments, and more. Use analytics for insights into how to improve resources and content, and audit logs to track changes.
  • The open platform structure lets you scale and onboard new teammates easily, ensuring vital knowledge never walks out the door when employees do.

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Confluence for every team

No two Confluence sites look exactly the same, and that’s the point.

On-the-go or at your desk, you can tailor Confluence for what suits your team best with templates, apps, macros, and more.

Confluence supports ALL teammates, whether they’re a tech team or not — and even if they’re scattered across the globe.

  • IT and support teams can fix issues faster, and offer users self-service troubleshooting tools. Confluence makes internal alignment on best practices, knowledge sharing, and documentation a breeze.
  • Marketing teams enjoy seamless collaboration, fast and easy feedback, and dynamic deliverable tracking to complete even the most complex cross-functional campaign without a hitch. Use our competitive analysis template to set your positioning and stand out in your field.
  • Product management teams are able to take the guesswork out of product launches by using a single source of truth for product requirements, UX designs, user stories, documentation, and beyond. Check out our curated template collection for product managers.
  • Software development teams can simplify complex projects by connecting with product managers, designers, and marketers on everything, from sprint planning to documentation. New product features cross the finish line faster with our product roadmap template.
  • HR and People teams can maintain trainings and track performance all in one place. Streamline onboarding by building a knowledge hub for all benefits and policies that keeps everyone updated with current information. Our 90-day plan template for new hires is popular for a reason.
  • Project management teams keep everyone on schedule and informed as they collaborate. Easy, organized sharing of goals and OKRs, statuses & assignments, and issues & retrospectives makes projects run smoothly. The project management template collection helps teams accomplish these – and much more – quickly and easily.
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