Supercharge your workflows with Atlassian AI

This guide is for anyone getting started with Atlassian Intelligence features in Confluence. Use this as a resource to learn how to enable and leverage AI in Confluence to boost productivity and supercharge your workflows.

Atlassian AI is only available on Confluence Cloud Premium and Enterprise plans.

Get started with Atlassian Intelligence in Confluence

Atlassian Intelligence is a collection of AI-powered capabilities across Atlassian cloud that helps companies and teams accelerate productivity, drive action, and unlock insights. It leverages artificial intelligence developed internally and from OpenAI.

Keep an eye out for the Atlassian Intelligence icon throughout your Atlassian products to discover new AI-powered experiences.

Atlassian Intelligence logo.

How to activate Atlassian Intelligence for Confluence

In order to take advantage of Atlassian Intelligence features in Confluence, an organization admin must activate AI through Atlassian Administrator.

Note: Atlassian Intelligence is only available on Confluence Cloud Premium and Enterprise plans.

Atlassian AI.

To activate Atlassian Intelligence:

  1. Go to Select your organization if you have more than one.
  2. Select Settings > Atlassian Intelligence. You’ll see a table with products that already have Atlassian Intelligence activated.
  3. Select Select products. You’ll see a list of products that have Atlassian Intelligence features.
  4. Choose Jira Service Management, and any other products where you want to activate Atlassian Intelligence features.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Review your products and accept the Atlassian Intelligence terms and conditions.
  7. Select Save to confirm.

After activation, users are notified in the product that Atlassian Intelligence is available. Some products may have additional settings to configure within that product’s administration settings.

Atlassian AI activiated.

Atlassian Intelligence features in Confluence

Learn all of the ways you can use AI in Confluence to work faster and smarter.

Generate and transform content
Draft new content such as strategy pages and project overviews with a simple prompt. Change tone, improve writing and make technical information easier for other teams to understand.

Popular prompts include:

  • “Find action items” to scan the page and pull out important action items.
  • “Summarize writing” to include a quick summary that your team will surely appreciate.
  • “Rewrite…” to allow AI to edit your work to fix grammar and spelling errors, shorten the length, or even change the tone.
  • “Brainstorm with AI” for when you just need a buddy to bounce around some new ideas.
  • “Suggest a title” to help you pick a page title that’s clear and representative of the page content.

When it comes to AI prompts, the sky is the limit! Get clever with your prompts and lean on Atlassian AI to help generate all of the content you need.

To use Atlassian Intelligence to generate new content:

  1. Create a new page, or edit an existing page or blog post.
  2. Select Atlassian Intelligence from the main toolbar. You can also access Atlassian Intelligence from the page by typing /ai
  3. Enter in a prompt or select an option from the list.
  4. Press Enter
  5. Once finished, you can review the response and add it to your page or follow up with an additional prompt.

To use Atlassian Intelligence to edit existing content:

  1. While in the edit mode, highlight text in an existing page or blog.
  2. Select the Atlassian Intelligence button that appears above the highlighted text.
  3. Enter in a prompt or select an option from the list.
  4. Press Enter
  5. Once finished, you can review the response and add it to your page or follow up with an additional prompt.

Summarize pages
Unlike the “summarize writing” prompt in the editor, this AI feature is for the readers. Save time and get the details you need to do your work faster by generating a quick summary with Atlassian Intelligence.

Atlassian AI summary feature.

To summarize a page or blog with Atlassian Intelligence:

  1. Navigate to the Confluence page or blog post you want to summarize.
  2. Select Summarize from the top right, to the left of the lock icon.
  3. Atlassian Intelligence will generate a summary of the page.

Create Automations with Atlassian AI

Easily create automation rules by simply describing what you wish to automate, and let Atlassian Intelligence handle all the heavy lifting by creating the rule for you.

Atlassian AI automation example 1
Atlassian AI example next step.

Here are some example automations you could implement with the help of AI:

  • Send out a reminder email to task assignees every Monday with their upcoming deadlines for the week
  • Archive inactive pages after 6 months and alert the page creators
  • Auto-create a Jira ticket every time a page is published that follows a specific Product Spec title

To create a new automation rule with Atlassian AI:

  1. Go to your space and select Automation from the side navigation bar.
  2. Click on the input box beneath Start Automating with Atlassian Intelligence to begin typing.
  3. Describe the rule you’d like to create, including a trigger and action. You can use one of the examples provided or write your own rule.
  4. Select Preview rule to see a preview of the rule that was generated.
  5. Check the summary of the rule generated by Atlassian Intelligence, and add any missing components or details.
  6. Once you’re happy with your rule’s configuration, select Enable rule.
  7. Your rule will now be enabled and visible in the rule library.
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