Confluence best practices

Teams love Confluence because it’s flexible - it’s easy to customize for any organization. To help you navigate the many powerful ways of using Confluence, we’ve curated a collection of best practices.

Before you dive in, sign up for your free Confluence Cloud site and read the following sections: set up your site and spaces, create content in Confluence, and navigate Confluence.

Create compelling content

You work hard, and you want the content you create to reflect your efforts. These resources will help you create beautiful, compelling content that does just that.


Create beautiful pages in Confluence

In just under 4 mins, this video demonstrates how to create a page in Confluence from scratch or using best practice templates. The techniques you learn here will help you create beautiful Confluence pages that stand out from the crowd.


Format your page

Learn how to use the Confluence Cloud editor to apply formatting to text, change the page layout, and add tables, media, and links to your content.


Start with a page template

Confluence can be used for all kinds of work – meeting notes, project plans, onboarding guides, and beyond. Page templates kick-start your next project with industry expertise automatically infused.

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Build your own custom template

Page templates help you keep content consistent across your team or org. In this blog post, you’ll learn how you can use the features of Confluence to make better templates.

Stay organized

As your team grows and more people start using Confluence to share information, keeping things organized can become more of a challenge. Use these resources to create and maintain an effective organizational strategy for your team’s content.

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Build an information architecture that scales

Learn how to categorize your content with an information architecture based on your current and future organizational needs.

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Keep your site organized like Marie Kondo

Follow these four steps to become the Marie Kondo of Confluence. This blog post will show you how to find a place for every page on your site, keep it organized, and get rid of content that no longer sparks joy.


Eliminate clutter by archiving old pages

Learn how archiving old pages can help you keep your page tree neat, make it easier for people to find what they need, and give them confidence that the information they find is accurate and up to date.

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Excel in Confluence content management

Learn how to guide end users to build their own easy-to-use, well-formatted content. This training will cover templates, page and space structure, and content management best practices.

Increase collaboration and engagement

Celebrate your wins, share in one another’s challenges, and unite as a team behind shared goals. When your team feels they have a voice and a sense of ownership in your company’s success, you’ll be blown away by their passion, commitment, and productivity. These resources will help you increase employee engagement and foster better collaboration among team members.

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Create transparency at work

Learn why transparency impacts organizational effectiveness and employee happiness. Leverage these strategies to make your culture more open, transparent, and collaborative.

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Increase employee engagement

Learn what employee engagement is, why it’s important, and how you can keep employees engaged and productive.

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Use internal blogging to foster an open culture

Learn how internal blogging can promote knowledge sharing, increase productivity, build employee bonds, and open up your workplace culture.


How to measure engagement with analytics

Follow step-by-step instructions to analyze your Confluence instance, including number of views, most active readers and contributors, most active users, most popular spaces, and common searches.

Manage permissions

Learn how to manage permissions in Confluence.

Navigate Confluence

Learn how to navigate Confluence efficiently.