One of the biggest time-saving tactics you can employ in your workplace is creating standardized content. Teams waste so much time every day creating documents from scratch or mindlessly scanning unstructured pages for the information they need. It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel.

Here are three awesome features to use when creating page templates in Confluence that will help your team get more work done, faster.

1. Guide your fellow users with Instructional Text

Creating content from a page template is dead-simple. Space Admins can insert Instructional Text into page templates that explains what content to write and how to trigger certain editor features. Instructional Text is smart too, since it disappears when the user types over it and is invisible when the page is saved keeping content clean.

You can really see the power of instructional text when Confluence automatically triggers an @mention by clicking and typing on top of the Informational Text block – perfect for attendee lists in meetings notes or assigning a document owner to product requirements.

2. Create a page from a template in a single click

The Create Page From Template macro makes it easy to create a new page from a specified template from any page. We use this feature all of the time on our internal Confluence site at Atlassian.

The macro is perfect for jumpstarting repeated business processes that could benefit from following a consistent template. For the Confluence Marketing Team, it saves us a ton of time drafting blog posts, announcement emails, and website copy in Confluence.

3. Add descriptions to page templates

Space Admins can provide every page template with a brief description that’s displayed in the Create dialog. Adding descriptions are a great way to communicate more details about a page template so that users can better understand whether they want to use the template or not.

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3 tips for creating page templates in Confluence