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In today’s world of distributed teams, virtual meetings are so ubiquitous, they have their own subculture. You’ve probably already mastered the waiting-for-others-to-join small talk and have established your go-to virtual backgrounds. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, time spent in Teams meetings increased by 148% globally (almost 2.5x!) between February 2020 and February 2021, and while productivity levels have remained steady or even increased in some cases, there’s a very real cost to the increased digital intensity of our work. 54% of workers reported they feel overworked, and 39% reported feeling exhausted.

Thankfully, we know there are proven tactics to mitigate this exhaustion as an individual and as a team. In addition to these tactics, we also need our tools to work together seamlessly so that we can feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed, by the technology around us.


We’ll be tackling this challenge head-on in our upcoming Webinar on August 17 at 11am PT. Join us for an inside look at how Atlassian and Microsoft leaders are reimagining collaboration for hybrid work. Hear about experiments, learnings, and technology that each are using to empower their teams – including a demo of the new Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams app

Confluence is on a mission to help your team collaborate better, both inside and outside of the virtual meeting room walls. So we’ve partnered up with Microsoft Teams, the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365, to bring you a more connected meeting experience. We’re thrilled to share that the new Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams app is now available on Microsoft AppSource.

Capture notes collaboratively

Confluence for Teams makes your meetings more focused and meaningful. With an embedded Confluence panel inside your meeting, there’s no need to choose between focusing your attention on the meeting or on your notes. Everyone is on the same page – literally.

And because everyone’s contributing to the same page, it becomes a single source of truth for the team. No more worrying about those three minutes your dog was barking or debating who was assigned which action item. It’s all documented in one spot.

As an added bonus, Confluence macros make your notes more digestible and action-oriented. Choose from action items, decisions, code snippets, mentions, tables, and more!

And when the meeting wraps up, you can publish to a Confluence space of your choosing directly from the Teams meeting. So, you can take the momentum you’ve gathered during the meeting to dive into your work, rather than wasting time copy-pasting your notes into another tool.

Connect conversation to action

We all know that meetings can’t be effective without sufficient follow-through, so we leveraged automation to instantly share meeting notes in the team chat, record meeting data, and aggregate action items and decisions.

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This way, everyone on the team is informed and accountable for their next steps.

If someone has to miss a meeting, they can easily catch up from the link in the chat. And two weeks from now, when you’re trying to remember the new date you decided on for the launch, it’s right there in the Teams chat and organized by date in Confluence.

With the notes in the sidebar of the Teams meeting, everyone can follow along and everyone walks away with a clear picture of what we’re doing next. And if I have to miss a meeting, I’m not at all worried, because I know I’ll be able to quickly catch up on what was covered.

-Robert Whitcomb, Head of Engineering at Cognivue

Stay in sync while working async

What about all the updates, questions, and sharing that happen asynchronously?

Draw on Confluence’s flexible knowledge base by searching for pages right within Teams chat. Once shared, the Confluence link expands to show key contextual details, including title, space, comments, likes, and publish date.

Need to keep that roadmap, project plan, or notes page handy for the team to reference? With the app, you can pin a Confluence page to any Teams channel for easy access. Need to edit or comment on the page? No problem – you can do it all without leaving Teams.

The Confluence and Teams integration allows us to pull information from Confluence Cloud – which is where we keep information across the technical and business side of Logicaldox – and easily include it in Teams meetings or conversations. Having a deep connection between the tools that are essential to our daily activities allows my team to immerse themselves in their actual work, not clicking between tools.

-Edward Apostol, Senior Manager of Application Development at LogicalDox
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The Application Development team at LogicalDox

Today, Confluence notifications live in Confluence or in your inbox. But we know that centralizing your work means also centralizing where you get your notifications and updates. So in a few short weeks, we’ll be releasing Confluence personal notifications in the Teams app, enabling you to receive and respond to Confluence page updates, mentions, and comments.

With less time wasted on flipping between windows, finding notes, and filling in colleagues, your team is free to focus on bigger and better challenges. And with better focus, thanks to streamlined tools and automation, you’ll build greater momentum, collaborate better, and get to “done” faster.

The app is free – get it today and see how Confluence Cloud for Teams can unlock a more open, cohesive flow of information within your team.

Meet the new Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams app