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Janus Capital Group is a global investment firm with headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

The Fixed Income Analytics team at Janus is a small group that creates hundreds of financial reports every year for internal and external clients. The team needed a better way to work together on reports than the inefficient spreadsheets, emails, and post-it notes it was using. 

Jordan Packer, senior configuration analyst at Janus, thought the business team could benefit from one of the solutions used in Engineering –  Jira Software. Janus developers use the entire Atlassian stack for developing internal apps and the company’s external website – Jira for issue tracking, Bamboo for build automation, Confluence for documentation, and Bitbucket for code repositories.

After gathering requirements, Packer built a working Jira Project prototype within a day – to the delight of Fixed Income Analytics. Using the Scheduler plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace, he built a dashboard for reporting to automate the creation of reports that go out regularly. “The Atlassian Marketplace is a huge goldmine for finding creative solutions for your business teams,” says Packer.

Next, Digital Marketing adopted Jira. Responsible for all content on the external website, which is highly regulated, the team needed an efficient way to manage work and track every content change it published in a complete audit trail.

With Jira, the Fixed Income Analytics team now has a defined process, is communicating well, and knows where every report is in the cycle. In addition, it’s able to track and report on all its work, which provides valuable insight, enabling the team to easily recognize patterns of requests and plan ahead for future tasks.

A year after implementing Jira, the Digital Marketing team reports that it’s 80% more efficient. “They have clear records of every change that goes into the website – approvals, who did what. It’s ready for any audit,” says Packer.

To learn more about how Janus uses Jira Workflows for business teams, watch Jordan Packer's Atlassian 2015 Summit presentation.

Any team can benefit from and become more efficient using Jira.— Jordan Packer, senior configuration analyst, Janus Capital

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