Conversational ticketing for modern teams

Halp meets your team where they already work – helping you easily track, automate and report on incoming requests.


Manage requests directly in Slack and Microsoft Teams

Empower any team to keep track of any request – no matter if it came from a direct message, channel, or email.

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Turn messages into tickets

Use an emoji or message action to turn messages into tickets.

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Solve requests as a team

Route requests to dedicated queues and resolve them as a team.

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Avoid context switching

Prioritize tickets directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Update everyone in real-time

Automatically notify requesters and followers about ticket progress.

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Build custom forms

Requests can come in all shapes and sizes. Customize fields and statuses to streamline operations directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams.


Automate your work with simple recipes

Focus on helping your team and leave the busywork to the bots. Using Halp’s recipe builder, automate common actions based on ticket fields, form input, and more.

Halp automation diagram
Halp automation diagram
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EmojiOps Slack only

Create tickets, set priorities, and assign requests to agents with emoji-based triggers.

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The smartest way to resolve requests in Slack

Automate responses to repetitive questions using machine learning. Turn any message into a saved answer with just an emoji and auto-suggest them based on keywords. Capture data to quantify the effectiveness of your answers and see time saved.


Improve productivity with effortless reporting

Keeping your team accountable has never been so easy. Track request volume, measure CSAT, and report on first response & resolution times.

Track request volume
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Improvement on Time to Resolution.

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Improvement in First Response & Resolution time.


Conversational Ticketing

Halp is a modern, lightweight help desk for humans who love Slack and Microsoft Teams

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Track requests coming from DMs, channels, or emails.

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Prioritize tickets by severity and route to dedicated triage teams.

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Measure ticket volume, response & resolution times, and agent performance.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Make sure your team is responding to requests in a timely, agreed upon manner.

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Build custom forms for each use case, customize fields and statuses.

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Update statuses, assign tickets, route requests and more.

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Custom appearance

Make the Halp bot your own with custom appearance and messaging.

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Add ticket followers to streamline approvals.

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Requesters and agents are automatically notified about ticket updates to ensure quick resolution.

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Halp has been so successful that I’ve gotten six other teams to use the platform for their own purposes.

Garrett Cook, Head of IT, G2