The Original Bug & Issue Tracker

Capture, track, and resolve bugs and issues throughout your entire development process

Capture software bugs

Capture bugs

Capture bugs anywhere in your software projects with JIRA Software. Once you've identified a bug, create an issue and add all relevant details, including descriptions, severity level, screenshots, and version. Issues can represent anything from a software bug, a project task, to a leave request form. JIRA Software is highly configurable so that your team can resolve bugs fast and keep moving forward.

Assign and prioritize

Once your bugs and issues are captured, rank them and organize what work needs to get done according to the item's importance or level of urgency. You can also easily assign bugs within the details of the issue screen or drag and drop issues in your backlog. Keep everyone on the same page around priorities and get your team working on what's most important, first.

Assign and prioritize
Track to done

Track bugs to done

Track bugs and issues through workflows and always stay in the know. In JIRA Software, transitioning issues will trigger notifications, automatically informing the next reviewer. Configure a different workflow for bugs versus other issue types, meaning that your QA team can focus on managing and resolving bugs, while your product team can focus on building new features.

Measure success

When tracking bugs and issues, it's important to estimate and measure your progress and capacity. Use Burndown and Velocity charts to improve future sprints and learn from past releases. Whether you use scrum or kanban, or a combination of both, teams have access to more than a dozen out-of-the-box reports that give real-time, actionable insights into the teams performance. 

Measure success

Flexible deployment options

In the cloud, on your own infrastructure, or at massive scale, JIRA Software has your platform covered.

  Cloud Server Data Center
Project and issue tracking Check mark Check mark Check mark
Scrum and kanban support Check mark Check mark Check mark
Backlog prioritization and sprint planning Check mark Check mark Check mark
Flexible workflow Check mark Check mark Check mark
Developer tool integrations Check mark Check mark Check mark
Out-of-the-box agile reporting Check mark Check mark Check mark
Rich APIs Check mark Check mark Check mark
Plug-and-play add-ons Check mark Check mark Check mark
Active-active clustering     Check mark
Disaster recovery     Check mark