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Teams work better together on Cloud

Work faster, smarter, and stronger, together. Focus on the strategic imperatives that move your business forward with the best of Atlassian, on Cloud.

You don’t have to take our word for it

See how customers harness the power of Cloud

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Inspired collaboration

47% of customers reported their move to Cloud led to improvement in cross-functional collaboration

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Decision-making smarts

44% of customers reported improvement in the ability to quickly make insight-driven decisions

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Productivity unleashed

According to Forrester, migrated customers see a 20% productivity boost for developers

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Strategic IT

According to Forrester, migrated customers see 50% of IT time reallocated to more impactful work

300K+ customers rely on our world-class cloud platform

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Imagine what’s possible on Cloud

Action on data

Get visibility into work across your organization so you can make data-driven decisions using Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake.

Automate work

Replace manual, time-consuming work with modern workflows using Atlassian Automation, built into Cloud and ready for cross-product workflows.

Accelerate teamwork

Say hello to Atlassian Intelligence. AI understands how you collaborate and accelerates your work by answering questions, generating content, and more.

Optimize with insights

Get real-time insights on your team’s work so you can optimize how work gets done, report on team health, and remove bottlenecks using Jira Insights.

Customize your toolchain

Make Jira your single source of truth for work across your favorite tools — CI/CD, SCM, feature flagging, testing, and more — with Open DevOps.

Release with confidence

Plan and track delivery and development tasks and get clarity on everything you need to launch your new feature with Releases Hub.

Manage incidents better

Bring operations and software teams together to solve incidents with on-call and alert notifications built natively into Jira Service Management and integrated with Jira.

Respond more quickly

Automate support interactions and automatically surface relevant knowledge base articles with the AI-powered virtual agent, as well as AI issue summaries and generative AI for the issue editor.

Scale service delivery

Streamline workflows with 200+ pre-built forms and project templates for business teams, so IT can help empower other teams with ownership of their own service delivery.

Collaborate visually

Brainstorm and create visual content using Whiteboards, then turn ideas into pages or tickets with just a few clicks.

Automate work

Effortlessly manage content, organize spaces, and notify teams of updates using Confluence Automation.

Share critical context

Cut down on context switching with Smart Links, which allow you to embed entire docs or videos on pages with just a URL.

Connect work

Keep work moving forward with better integrations between Jira and Bitbucket, including a Jira issues view on your Bitbucket dashboard.

Reduce context switching

Keep CI/CD where it belongs, right next to your code, using Bitbucket Pipelines. Or connect your on-prem CI/CD tools to Bitbucket Cloud.

Automate work

Use PRs, deployments, and more to trigger actions in Jira or third-party tools like Slack, so you can move work forward using DevOps automation.

Faster together

Supercharge productivity by bringing tools and teams together

Seamless experiences

Atlassian’s cloud products are optimized for seamless cross-product experiences so you can move faster, collaborate better, and accelerate speed to market. Information flows across teams and tools so you can focus on moving work forward.

Centralized administration

Accelerate administration with a centralized mission control center. Admins get the visibility and control they need to configure and manage their Atlassian footprint from a single location, making administration at scale more efficient. 

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Cloud seems more zippy, and the integrations between solutions seem tighter. That helps us work faster and resolve issues much quicker.
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Smarter together

Unlock the visibility you need for data-driven transformation

Connected data

Data about the work being done across your organization is aggregated in a single source of truth. That visibility helps you drive alignment toward goals and make data-driven decisions.

Team-level insights

Empower teams with access to real-time insights into how work is going and how to improve. Build a culture of continuous improvement and enable insight-driven growth.

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We’ve been tripling our output and trying to cut costs per strain by half … by moving to the cloud and converging around Atlassian products for service management, we can scale non-linearly, have the metrics to support making the investments we need, and drive profitability.
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Stronger together

Get tools teams love, built on a foundation you can trust

Enterprise-grade platform

Atlassian’s Cloud platform is enterprise-grade, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that the security, privacy, and compliance of your organization's data is in good hands. 

Trusted partners

Under a shared responsibility model, Atlassian provides the resilient infrastructure. You get controls that allow you to meet compliance, privacy, and security obligations and recover if there are incidents.

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Engineers are not only working more efficiently but are also able to focus on more strategic projects because they don’t have to worry about security or downtime.
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Millions of users migrated last year (and for good reason)

Forrester estimates a 358% ROI of migrating. 82% of users saw benefits within 6 months.

Get in touch for help building your Cloud business case

Explore the migration journey

Explore the path to cloud by looking at our recommendations on how to get started, what to assess, and how to build a plan

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Explore how migrating equips your development team with the power of Cloud.

All the pieces for peace of mind


Our security team
is your security team

Lock behind clouds


Our team of experts work around the clock to keep your data secure. Your data is protected with encryption in transit and at rest, mobile device management, IP allowlisting, and more. And with added security controls like SAML SSO, multiple authentication policies, and SCIM user lifecycle management available with Atlassian Guard, it’s easy to make sure your organization is safe.


Compliance is taken
care of

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Meet global compliance requirements with features like data residency, coverage for SOC2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27018, GDPR, and more. We’re constantly expanding coverage, and we regularly perform comprehensive security audits to provide independent assurance that we’re meeting your needs.


Privacy in our hands,
control in yours

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We are committed to meeting the highest bar for personal data privacy, with full transparency on how we manage and store your data. We’ve built our products and practices to allow you to actively manage and control your data and support your organization in meeting data privacy obligations around the world like GDPR.


Don’t let downtime
keep you up

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Reliability and performance are critical to keeping your work moving forward. Our Cloud products are hosted on best-in-class AWS infrastructure so we can utilize elastic scale, multi-level redundancy, and more to ensure stability and availability at scale. And if you need even more assurance, we offer uptime SLAs of 99.9% and 99.95% in our Premium and Enterprise Cloud plans.

Aaron Cook

Atlassian Administrator

“Cloud seems more zippy, and the integrations between solutions seem tighter. That helps us work faster and resolve issues much quicker.”

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Take the frustration out of administration

Simplified admin

Add value in new,
more strategic ways


Simplified admin

Focus on the things that matter, not maintaining servers. Free up time for more strategic work like end-user training and adoption, governance, and integrations. Take advantage of org insights and audit logs with Access, and admin insights in Premium and Enterprise for proactive reporting and analytics.

Centralized governance

One spot to manage
teams and users

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Centralized governance

No matter which Cloud products you use, manage all of your users in one place. With Atlassian Guard, you have a central admin console to build a scalable governance plan without stifling agility or collaboration.

Easy updates

Staying up to date is

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Easy updates

Get the latest features without the administrative hassle of upgrades and maintenance. Need to manage change? No problem – with Release Tracks and Sandbox environments in our Premium and Enterprise plans, you can test and roll out updates on a cadence that best supports your team’s needs.

Jim Tompkins

Program Manager

“Our diversity of tools prevented us from maintaining the high levels of security and compliance we needed…With a common set of cloud-based enterprise tools, we’re much more comfortable.”

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Everything just works together


A unified experience
across tools

Layered project versions


When all of your tools are connected and work perfectly with one another, you and your users don’t lose time or brain space context switching. With one platform underpinning our Cloud products, the user experience is smarter, more connected, and more consistent. Enhanced search functionality and machine learning optimize content discovery and collaboration.


Help your tools play
as a team

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With a more robust mobile experience, teams can get work done wherever they are. Cloud mobile apps include almost complete coverage of all views that are available on web. And without the need for VPN, it’s easier for teams to stay connected while maintaining the right level of security.

Apps and integrations

Help your tools play as a team

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Apps and integrations

With over 1,000 apps and integrations, Atlassian partners with other best-in-class SaaS companies so that your team can do its best work using the tools you already know and love. Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, and more – everyone’s here for the party. 


Speed up data-driven decisions

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Speed up data-driven decision making with powerful cross-product analysis. Use pre-built or customized dashboards to analyze data across projects and services.

Kevin McWilliams

System Administrator

“The mobile application has been a significant gain for us. Additionally, the direct integration with other products we use like Slack and GSuite has been a productivity assist as well.”

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