How Atlassian helps teams find new ways to work

Evolving your team’s way of working can greatly change your team’s trajectory. Adopting effective practices can make all the difference in team outcomes.

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Managing communication in times of change

As many similar companies found themselves in 2020, RayBan and Oakley needed to re-work their approach to communication. But having to do that without the benefit of using their normal channels proved challenging.

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Scaling up adds complexity to the way teams connect

What might bring success for a small team doesn’t always work for a large team. The Discoverability team within the global brand and customer experience agency, VMLY&R, is a prime example.

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Adopting digital tools does more than reduce carbon footprint

McCorvey Sheet Metal Works went from having an established history of using paper to going digital. After several decades, McCorvey made the jump to not only do the same work, but make it more effective for multiple office locations.

Applying team practices internally

Our beliefs and unique approaches to working have lead to amazing outcomes and happier Atlassians as a result. Before we share these practices with the world, we make sure they’re put to the test.  Deep dive into our case studies, tried-and-true approaches, and our lessons learned.

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Case study

Inside Atlassian

Learn more about how team proficiency, practices, and psychology affect team effectiveness.

Case study

Our distributed workforce

Learn more about how Atlassian applies lessons on team effectiveness to a distributed workforce.


Measuring team effectiveness at Atlassian

"How are your teams doing" is a loaded and complicated question to answer. Check out our comprehensive approach to measuring team effectiveness.

Atlassian + Bloomberg

Evolving Ways of Working

Our approach to work doesn't just show up in practice, but we spar our thinking among other thought leaders as well.

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Atlassian execs on leadership & employee mental health

With Molly Hellerman

Atlassian’s Global Head of Innovation Programs on the importance of communication and empathy when dealing with employee mental health.

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The New Normal: What work is now

With Dom Price

Bloomberg's Carol Massar and Chris Michele talk about creating more inclusive teams, and how the pandemic has impacted work as we know it with...

Workplace culture in focus: innovating during crisis

Workplace culture in focus: innovating during crisis


Creating and nurturing collaborative, innovative and creative corporate cultures is no easy feat even in the calmest of times. And now with the world turned...