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Our distributed workforce

Atlassian is evolving the way it works to embrace distributed teamwork. It's a concept that not only supports working from the place that makes most sense for team members, but promotes flexible work in general. 


The transition to a fully distributed workforce

Things to consider

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It allows team formation to not center on physical footprint, but the right talent for team composition instead.

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It appreciates diverse teams, which benefits from the largest talent pool available.

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It acknowledges that teams come in all sizes, cultures, and comprise different goals. Rituals are not one-size-fits-all, and team practices should differ based on team preferences.

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It recognizes that ideal communication frequency and style depend not just on professional, but personal, lives. People are whole, multi-faceted humans and not solely a reflection of their functional titles. Outcomes realized and not hours spent are what matter.

Where, when, how, and with whom

Teams should not be bound by the constraints of an entire organization’s routines and rhythms. Instead, these factors should reflect what’s best for a team.

At first, we considered where we could learn quickly and made adjustments to ensure our team members could continue to do their best work. But, we don’t have all the answers today. So for the long-game, we are using a “build, measure, learn” and then iterate model. We’re rapidly developing new rituals, ideas that require the smallest actions to yield the highest ROI, testing and iterating upon them, and both learning and sharing what works and doesn’t work internally and externally.

Today, we have a small dedicated team and scores of Atlassians across the organization as a set of working groups focused on transitioning Atlassian to a fully distributed workforce. As we provide regular updates internally, we will also share what we learn externally with you here.

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