Data Center is all about performance at scale. Jira Portfolio is all about agile at scale. And now we’ve combined the power of both — Jira Portfolio is now Jira Data Center compatible!

So if you want to combine long-term planning with agile, and get great performance for growing teams, your time has finally come.

See the big picture with Jira Portfolio

Jira Portfolio is the planning tool that was made for Jira, allowing you to plan, manage, and report across multiple teams and projects.

With Jira Portfolio, you can see when you can deliver with realistic, data-driven roadmaps, you can react to change with what-if scenario planning, and you can keep everyone on the same page with roll-up status and reporting.

No more using disconnected tools that aren’t built for Jira and are painfully hard to manage — Jira Portfolio uses the existing data already inside of Jira! Read more about how we use Jira Portfolio here.

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Don’t have Jira Data Center and want to know more?

Performance at scale with Jira Data Center

The Jira Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability and performance at scale when hosting our applications in your own data center.

  • High availability: High availability with instant failover to eliminate downtime
  • Performance-at-scale: Scales to the most challenging use cases and avoids performance degradation
  • Instant scalability: Flexibly adds the capacity to meet growing demand without downtime or additional licensing fees
  • Disaster recovery: Ability to configure a cold single or multi node standby site in a geographically separate location

Read more about Data Center here.

Happy planning!

Try Jira Data Center

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Jira Portfolio is now Jira Data Center compatible