From concept to launch - great marketing starts here

From simple tasks to complex projects, manage marketing the smart way - with Jira.

Product screenshot Jira showing a Marketing Launch project in a list view with marketing-related to-do tasks.
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How marketing teams use Jira

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Product marketing

Bring marketing and product under one roof so you can plan, build, and launch products customers will love, together.

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Content marketing

Create, review, and distribute materials and focus on what you do best — crafting great content.

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Marketing leadership

Gain visibility on deliverables and goals so you can make smarter, context-based leadership decisions.

Drive campaigns from idea to launch

Kanban project planning board with a “To Do” and “In Progress” column containing marketing-related tasks.

Complex campaigns? No problem

Break campaigns down into small, manageable pieces. With flexible views, your team can build campaigns with confidence.


Visibility and alignment - finally

Get true alignment and visibility into work happening across all marketing initiatives with one unified view.

Calendar view of a Jira project depicting overlapping tasks from different teams to prepare for a Marketing launch.
Overview Jira dashboard with a high-level view of project progress, task completion, and goal tracking.

Stay ahead, stay informed

Stay on top of goals, progress, and potential blockers so your team can focus on doing great work.

Everything your marketing team needs

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Atlassian Intelligence

Make Atlassian Intelligence (AI) your new best friend. Streamline workflows, glean insights from data, and accelerate work.

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If your team uses it, we integrate with it. Easily add your favorite marketing tools from the Atlassian marketplace.

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Save time by automating repetitive tasks. Build your own or use our Jira automation template library.

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Save time following up with stakeholders by embedding your approval process into your Jira projects.

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From creative requests to feedback surveys, forms help collect all information and work into a single place.

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Dynamic reports

Follow the status of your teams’ projects via high-level overviews, customized dashboards, or 30+ reports.


Accelerate work with Atlassian Intelligence

Product screenshot of Jira’s AI feature of translating natural language text into an automation rule. Prompt in screenshot reads: “When a ‘webinar’ issue is created in the Marketing Launch project, automatically create a design ticket and a landing page ticket. Then link them altogether.”

Accelerate work with Atlassian Intelligence

AI is natively built into Atlassian products to help you collaborate easier, work faster, and get more done with less.

Get started faster with templates

Kickstart your first project with a fully customizable marketing template.

Kanban Board

Campaign management

Manage campaigns beginning to end, tracking tasks and deadlines along the way.

Calendar Project view

Content management

Manage the content development lifecycle – from prioritization to distribution.

List project view

Email campaign

Plan and execute on email campaigns – from draft to launch.

Marketing resources

Browse free tutorials, articles, and guides to learn more.

Kanban Board

The ultimate marketing guide

Explore Atlassian’s compilation of top marketing best practices.

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How to manage stakeholders

Learn how teams at Atlassian handle stakeholder and request management.

Kanban Board

Join the community

Connect, share, learn with other fellow marketers who use Jira.

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