Prepare for your journey, with a little help

Use this checklist to understand the impact of the end of support on your business, assess your options, and create a plan to shift. 

Server end of sale and support checklist

If you haven’t already, start by reading about the changes and timeline in depth.

Determine how you’re affected

Assess your current state and future plans to find out what you need to do to prepare strategically, technically, and financially.

Step 1: Audit your current server environment

  • What are the versions for each self-managed license?
  • How many active users do you have?
  • What are your current licensing costs?
  • When is each self-managed license up for renewal?
  • What apps do you have, and are they critical?


Step 2: Consider your Atlassian development plan

  • Were you planning to upgrade or downgrade user tiers in the next year or two?
  • Are there new features or apps you’ve been waiting for?
  • Are you already considering a move to cloud or Data Center?
  • Have you assessed the business value of consolidating all or some instances?
  • Do you have plans to add new licenses in the next 6 - 12 months?

Understand your options

Once you have the full picture of your current state and where you may be headed, it’s time to dive into your options. 

Cloud icon

Move to cloud

Migrate your server products and apps to Atlassian’s cloud offerings.


You want to eliminate the need for upgrades, maintenance, and other hidden ownership costs.


You want enterprise-grade security, compliance, and data protection out of the box.


You want new features, faster innovation, and integrations with other leading SaaS tools.


Your essential apps, or the equivalent native functionality, are available in cloud (easily assess this using our free cloud migration assistants).

Data Center icon

Move to Data Center

Migrate your server products and apps to our self-managed enterprise offering.


You have a large number of users (more than 20,000 Jira or Confluence users or 250 Bitbucket users).


You have a critical requirement that’s not currently available in cloud or on our cloud roadmap.

Server icon

Stay on server (for now)

Remain on server for a bit while you evaluate options.


You need time to coordinate internally with other Atlassian product owners.


Your instance customization and configuration are complex and can’t be easily simplified.


You can leverage improvements to our migration tools to make your move smoother.


The cloud features, security or compliance requirements, or migration tools you need are on our roadmap but not yet available.

info icon

Not sure what the difference is between server, cloud, and Data Center? Start by getting an overview.

Keep in mind that with each of these options, you don’t have to move all at once. Depending on your size, complexity, and needs, you may choose to move to cloud or Data Center in phases.

Particularly for cloud migrations, this approach might be best if:

  • You have some teams ready for cloud, and others that need to remain on-premises.
  • Your migration is more complex (more than 10,000 users and 10 apps).
  • Some teams' critical apps are not yet available in cloud.

Understand costs and prepare for pricing changes

The next thing to consider is cost - both total cost of ownership in the longer term, and how to get the best pricing based on your short term plan. Start by determining if there’s anything you should do before February 2, 2021 PT when price increases for server and Data Center maintenance take effect.

If you…

Want to move to cloud

Then before Feb 2, 2021

Start your free cloud migration trial (available after February 2 as well)

Want to buy a new server or Data Center license

Ask for a 12 - 24 month server or Data Center quote at current pricing

Have an existing server or Data Center license up for renewal after February 2, 2021

Ask to renew early for 12 - 24 months at current pricing

Want to upgrade your server Starter license to a full license

Ask to upgrade to a full server license

Depending on your strategy, we’ve put in place several mechanisms that can change your total cost of ownership:

All customers

Free cloud migration trials: Explore and move to cloud at your own pace for up to 12 months.

Small customers

Free cloud plans: Our suite of free cloud products empower small teams to accomplish more for less.

Enterprise customers

  • Cloud loyalty discounts: Anticipate having over 1,000 users in cloud? You may be eligible for an additional discount on your cloud subscription.
  • Dual licensing: If you’re planning a phased move to cloud, run your self-managed and cloud products in parallel at no extra cost.

All customers

To make your transition easier, server customers who choose to move to Data Center are eligible for a discount.

All customers

If you aren't planning to move to cloud or Data Center immediately, you can renew server licenses for up to two years with current pricing. Just make sure you request a quote before February 2, 2021 when future pricing takes effect.

Choose your plan of action

With your three-year plan in place, work backward to your short-term path to get there. What steps will you need to take to move towards your ideal end state?

info icon

Our migration guide is a great starting point to help you craft your plan.

Make some moves

When you’ve finished considering your options and settled on your long-term path, we’re here to help you make the move. Head to our migration center and leverage Atlassian’s resources, expertise, and team to guide you in the right direction on your move to cloud or Data Center.

What's next?

Let us guide you through your migration

The information on this page contains forward-looking statements which involve uncertainties when providing estimated effective dates. All forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and is subject to change.