As a trusted advisor to government agencies for nearly two decades, Atlassian knows how to help these teams work better together to deliver mission success efficiently and securely. We deliver the software, processes, and methodologies that government teams use to cut through bureaucracy, break down interdepartmental silos, and overcome obstacles to achieve mission success. We take pride in the fact that this partnership improves the lives, health, welfare, and safety of citizens.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our government customers, we’re updating our secure cloud offerings and announcing our FedRAMP roadmap.

Secure cloud solutions

Atlassian software is now available in the widest range of secure cloud solutions than ever before, covering a multi-dimensional spectrum of security and deployment needs. Our lineup includes:

  • Atlassian on-premise offerings, like Data Center, which deliver industry-leading security, control, and scalability for Atlassian core software offerings.
  • Atlassian-hosted software that is on its way to FedRAMP authorization.
  • Partner- or customer-hosted offerings, like Hosted Data Center, which allow agencies to host Atlassian core software offerings behind agency firewalls and deploy to users across varying departments and programs.

We know that no two agency teams are alike, and that remote work challenges have impacted every agency in a different way. This is why from self-managed to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Atlassian has a secure cloud solution for every mission or program need. Classified work that requires high or unpredictable levels of scalability can be met with private Data Center clouds. Remote work that brings together a distributed team of agency personnel or experts can be met with our secure Enterprise clouds or our FedRAMP cloud offerings.

Our FedRAMP roadmap

Openness is root-level for us; it’s built into each of our products, and every customer relationship. It is with that openness in mind that we’re announcing our FedRAMP roadmap.

Admittedly, it’s unusual for a company to publicly declare its FedRAMP roadmap – there’s a lot of risk in that kind of transparency. Corporate funding can be repurposed, agency sponsors can shift, product teams can hit significant obstacles in the FedRAMP process, competitive advantage can be lost. But we accept this risk because we know that government agencies rely on Atlassian software and need to understand our SaaS security roadmap.

We’re working closely with federal agencies to understand the level of FedRAMP authorization that’s needed, and on which products, to best support their missions. Accordingly, the timing and level of FedRAMP authorizations will vary from product set to product set. The authorization efforts are governed by U.S. Federal Government sponsorship and current Atlassian engineering resource loads. At this juncture, Trello Enterprise has received official FedRAMP Tailored authorization, and Jira Software and Confluence are under evaluation.

Our plan is to take each product and target the initial FedRAMP authorization (eg: Low-Tailored, Moderate, High) that is appropriate. Once the product receives its initial authorization, we will continue to progress upward in security classification as needed and requested by government agencies. Agencies are encouraged to reach out to their Atlassian representatives to inquire about specific products and timeframes.

Secure cloud solutions for every government team