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As a trusted advisor to government agencies for nearly two decades, Atlassian knows how to help those teams work better and more efficiently together to deliver on their mission. Thousands of government teams all over the world use Atlassian solutions, processes, and methodologies to securely and effectively cut through bureaucracy, break down interdepartmental silos, and overcome obstacles to achieve mission success. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, we’re doubling down on our commitment to support U.S. government agencies on their path to modernization by continuing to invest in our secure cloud solutions and increasing our investment in FedRAMP authorization.

Cloud solutions for every team

As cloud computing continues to dominate the world of technology, offering scalability and performance at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions, it’s no wonder government agencies are dramatically increasing their investment in cloud services. And when it comes to Atlassian supporting that journey in our core products, we offer two cloud-based offerings:

  • Data Center, our self-managed offering that can be deployed using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • Atlassian cloud, our SaaS offering, which is on its way to FedRAMP authorization

We know that no two government teams are alike, and we’ll continue to invest in both solutions to ensure our customers have industry-leading security and control in whichever deployment makes sense for their organization, whether it’s agency work that’s required to stay on-premises with Data Center or services that would benefit from the innovation and dynamic scalability offered with Atlassian cloud. Additionally, because of how SaaS technology works and how we’ve architected our cloud platform, our Atlassian cloud products continue to get smarter and faster every day to provide the best experience for agency teams. They also remove some of the administrative burden of hosting, setting up, and managing applications, so admins can focus on the strategic initiatives that accelerate each agency’s mission.


Not sure where to start your cloud migration? Consider our most common approaches.

The future is FedRAMP

As Atlassian continues to ramp up our investment in our cloud offering, we’ve been working closely with U.S. Federal Government agencies to prioritize which products and stage of authorization would deliver the cloud solutions they consider mission-critical to their organization. We’re currently FedRAMP certified for Trello, and now we’re taking our Jira family of products and Confluence through authorization, targeting a FedRAMP Moderate Authority-to-Operate (ATO), which will give more government agencies the ability to collaborate better, innovate faster, and move work forward better than they ever have before.

As we continue to invest in our government agency relationships and grow our ability to understand how to best support their missions, we encourage government teams of all sizes to reach out to the Atlassian Public Sector team with any questions or to request further information.

Secure cloud solutions for every government team