Generative AI is critical to unleashing the potential of all teams, and we’re excited to use this revolutionary technology to improve the way teams work. A year ago, we launched Atlassian Intelligence to help teams boost productivity with AI.

Since then, we’ve turned our attention to using AI to solve the highly complex problem of enterprise search and knowledge discovery. Our goal is to enable you to turn Atlassian and third-party data from across your organization into actionable insights and knowledge-driven decisions. In this age of generative AI, every team member deserves to have superpowers, and we want to make sure we deliver them.

Consider this: “47% of digital workers struggle to find the information or data needed to effectively perform their jobs”, according to a recent survey by Gartner(r). This is not surprising given large companies (2,000+ employees) use over 230 apps on average. With bodies of enterprise data this vast, valuable knowledge gets trapped in information silos – a costly problem that gets worse by the minute. Imagine having a simple solution to not only locate precisely what you need but also understand its relevance to your work and how to act on it, without switching across different tools.

Enter, Atlassian Rovo

Powered by Atlassian Intelligence, Rovo is a new product that helps you turn information into action in a heartbeat. It accelerates finding, learning, and acting on information dispersed across a range of internal tools:

  • Find: Search across data, tools, and platforms (yes: even your third-party apps and, ultimately, home-grown systems) to get contextual and relevant results within your Atlassian experience.
  • Learn: Gain a deeper understanding of your company’s data through AI-driven insights, knowledge cards, and AI chat for deeper data exploration.
  • Act: Add specialized agents to workflows to handle time-consuming tasks, complete projects, and help solve complex problems.

But AI is only as useful as the data it taps into. We’ve made it our business over the past 20+ years to understand how teams work: common patterns, anti-patterns, organizational structures, and lines of communication. All that knowledge has been poured into a proprietary common data model we call “teamwork graph.” This is the secret sauce that makes Rovo, and all our other AI capabilities, so special. Teamwork graph pulls in data from your Atlassian tools and other SaaS apps you choose to connect, unlocking a comprehensive view of your organization’s goals, knowledge, teams, and work. With every new tool connection, team action, and project event, teamwork graph draws more connections and expands its knowledge to deliver increasingly relevant results.

Rovo Search surfaces the most contextual and relevant results, no matter where the data is stored or the format it takes. It understands what your teams are looking for and provides comprehensive insights from across your enterprise systems.

Want to know if a project is on track? Rovo can provide a robust answer in seconds by searching across all your Atlassian content as well as the third-party content you select – from issues in Jira to the myriad of files stored in Google Drive to the Sharepoint document you’d forgotten about. We’re even building Search to query custom in-house applications, such as those developed for finance or HR, to deliver relevant answers for any team or industry.

Search across all your selected SaaS apps, even custom data sources, all within the Atlassian Experience

Here’s how Rovo Search works:

  • Actionable results from across all your content: Identify team members with the necessary expertise to contribute to a project’s success, or uncover related topics to develop a deeper understanding of the project. Search helps teams swiftly find the exact information you need across huge volumes of complex data. If you choose, Rovo Search can pull information from popular tools, including Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Slack, and Figma, to deliver even more comprehensive answers.
  • Bring your industry-specific and custom-built apps, too: Rovo’s API will be designed to let you connect niche and home-grown apps. So even if you’re a manufacturer with a custom database or a pharmaceutical company tracking bioinformatics, we’re looking out for you.
  • Enterprise-grade permissions: Search results are personalized and contextual. Permissions are fully respected so employees see only the information they’re supposed to see, while restricted data remains private. Administrators have full control over the enablement of search connectors and data access.
Introducing Atlassian Intelligence

Get accurate, in-depth answers from your company’s unique data

Rovo understands your company’s knowledge, people, processes, goals, and more so teams can engage with enterprise information in innovative ways. Rovo not only helps teams find information, but supports interactive learning for a deeper understanding.

Deeply understand your company’s knowledge through interactive tools including Rovo Chat

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Instant, up-to-date insights: Knowledge cards provide in-context snapshots of specific information about projects, goals, new teammates, and more – all based on your organization’s enterprise data. Teams get immediate answers as they work, and knowledge cards get smarter as more data is added to the Atlassian teamwork graph.
Learn which teams are working on a project
Understand what company acronyms means
Get answers about critical milestones, work back plans and more
  • Conversational chat: With Rovo Chat, teams can engage in interactive conversations to ask questions until they get the answers they need, generate new ideas, get helpful feedback, and resolve issues while they work. Chat is based on your company’s data and gets smarter as your teams continue using it.
Rovo Chat helps teams uncover critical insights through interactive conversation
  • AI-driven learning: When answering questions, Rovo surfaces related topics and follow-up questions teams can use to tease out more details. Plus, it’s an awesome jargon-demystifier. When we first rolled it out internally, over three-quarters of Atlassians who tested the feature said Rovo helped them understand unfamiliar acronyms and terms.
Clarify company jargon, understand unique acronyms across all your company knowledge

Superpower your workflows with virtual teammates

Rovo Agents will transform teamwork with their ability to synthesize large volumes of enterprise data, break down complex tasks, learn as they take action, and partner with their human teammates to make critical and complex decisions. Agents aren’t just some souped-up version of chatbots. They bring specialized knowledge and skills to a wide variety of workflows and processes. Agents can:

  • Generate, review, and refine content for marketing and PR communications, product specs, goal descriptions, and more
  • Automate and streamline tasks such as creating a design for new requests, taking action when a Jira issue progresses, or reviewing content after it’s created
  • Answer questions, recommend best practices, integrate UX research into Jira specs, create service checklists, or contribute to custom knowledge bases
  • Help with onboarding new employees, building team gratitude, and facilitating team collaboration
  • Streamline time-consuming tasks like cleaning up Jira backlogs, organizing Confluence pages, or aligning content to formatting specs
Agents are your virtual teammates who collaborate with their human teammates to solve complex problems and move work forward (Comms Crafter agent shown above)

Agents are tailored to a company’s knowledge and act on additional instructions while always keeping their human teammates in the loop. Here’s how they work:

  • Built with accountability in mind: Admins control whether agents are enabled for their organization. Whether they’re working with humans, other agents, or both, agents report back as they move through workflows so you remain in the driver’s seat.
  • Teammates when and where you need them: Agents exist within a team’s workflow, and can be configured to take action based on a specific trigger, such as an issue created, a comment made, or at a recurring time.
  • Versatile and easy to create: We expect Rovo to include over 20 agents out-of-the-box. Organizations can also create bespoke agents using Atlassian’s no-code text interface or with Forge, our extensibility platform. In addition, teams will be able to explore a wide variety of agents on the Atlassian Marketplace, with more than a dozen already in progress from popular vendors.

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We believe AI has the potential to unleash teamwork in an unprecedented way. We are committed to partnering with our customers and partners to build the future of teamwork together, in line with the values we all share. You can read more about our approach to responsible technology here.

We’ve already introduced you to the AI-powered magic of Atlassian Intelligence (which we continue to enhance). Rovo takes human-AI collaboration to the next level by integrating contextual information, conversational AI, and agents into workflows.

Atlassian Rovo is in already in use by select customers. Join the waitlist today for a chance to help shape this exciting project!

Unlock enterprise knowledge with Atlassian Rovo