Our mission at Atlassian is to unleash the potential of every team. We believe the future of teamwork will be a partnership between humans and artificial intelligence (AI), wherever work gets done.

In April, we announced our ambition to transform teamwork by leveraging AI, powered by 20 years of insights on how millions of software, IT, and business teams plan, track, and deliver work. Since then, we’ve been crafting AI-assisted teamwork experiences demonstrating how humans and AI can work better, together.

The reception so far has blown us away. Nearly 10% of Atlassian’s 265,000+ customers have already leveraged Atlassian Intelligence through our beta program. Many early users reported significant benefits. Here’s a sample:

  • Teams at Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd use Atlassian Intelligence to boost individual productivity.

    “In my day-to-day work, Atlassian Intelligence acts as a virtual teammate that summarizes 5-page PIR reports into 5-sentence recaps for me, so I can get up to speed quickly ahead of monthly review meetings. It’s already proven its worth by improving productivity across our product teams.Matthias Hansen, Group Chief Technology Officer
  • Ovo Energy, a leading energy technology company determined to create a world with clean, affordable energy for everyone, has used Atlassian Intelligence to provide AI-powered assistance for developers in Slack.

    “Atlassian Intelligence has helped us bring our DevOps practices into Slack to reduce context-switching. We leveraged the virtual agent to create an AI-powered Developer Assistant to streamline support for developers in Slack; this means they can get help without having to leave their favorite tools. Alongside AI answers and issue summaries, harnessing Atlassian Intelligence to reduce distractions has led to a boost in our developer experience.” Martin Brignall, Developer Tooling Specialist

Today, we’re excited to announce that the first wave of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities are generally available across our cloud platform!

Human-AI collaboration begins

The first set of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities not only empowers teams by boosting individual productivity, they also harness organizational data to make insights immediately accessible, and leverage those insights to simplify data-driven decision-making. Let’s look at what we are launching, and what’s coming soon.

Accelerate individual productivity

At the heart of teamwork lies individual productivity: when each team member is empowered to do their best, the entire team can accomplish more. With Atlassian Intelligence, team members can draft pages of business-critical content in seconds, automate routine tasks by simply asking in plain natural language, instantly summarize long-winded content, and more easily access relevant and context-specific help. Now, everyone can do their best work – with speed, efficiency, and excellence.

Generative AI in editor

Available today

  • Generative AI in the editor: Instantly create user stories within Jira Software tickets, change the tone on a customer response from factual to empathetic within Jira Service Management, or generate a starting point for a test plan in Confluence.
  • AI-powered summaries: Get up to speed on any topic in Confluence with AI generated summaries, and summarize issues to quickly resolve incidents in Jira Service Management.
  • Natural language automation: Automate actions quickly using natural language in Confluence. (Coming soon to Jira Software!)
  • AI definitions (beta): Demystify company-specific concepts, jargon, or acronyms on the spot with Atlassian Intelligence in Confluence. Coming soon to Jira Software and Jira Service Management.
Definitions in Confluence

Glean insights from organizational data

Atlassian Intelligence allows teams to gather actionable insights from data faster than ever before. Seamless natural language interfaces let users use plain language to construct complex queries, granting flexible question & answer experiences across an organization’s knowledge base.

Natural language to JQL

Available today

  • Natural language to JQL: Use natural language to more easily and quickly find issues and their dependencies, even those requiring complex JQL queries, in Jira Software or Jira Work Management.
  • Natural language to SQL: Expand access to robust insights in Atlassian Analytics beyond data science teams so every team member can ask questions that lead to a deeper understanding of key business metrics like project execution trends, customer support velocity, or team health.
  • Q&A search in Confluence (beta): Move beyond simple search results to find actionable information by asking questions about the status of projects, key workflows, policies, or processes. Now in beta in Confluence.
  • Q&A search in Compass (beta): Reduce time spent looking for information across your microservices, systems, and teams, by asking questions in natural language about your technology stack to get specific answers about components and deployments.
Q&A search

Use AI to drive action

In November, we launched virtual agents in Jira Service Management, a specialized AI-powered virtual teammate that can respond to help requests on Slack. Through virtual agents, teams can reduce human workload significantly while maintaining quality of service.

Virtual Agent

This is just the first specialized AI assistant to help you and your teams achieve more, faster. We believe that there will be many more specialized virtual teammates, each helping teams sprint from ideas to action at an unprecedented pace.

Available today

  • Request type suggestions: AI can help Jira Service Management admins create request types with just a few words of prompting. Quickly stand up a service project for anything, from requesting a research participant gift voucher to raising a health and safety check in the manufacturing process – or even submitting a VIP request to the events team for Taylor Swift’s global tour.

Coming soon

  • Bitbucket code reviewer: AI will review pull request diffs and leave comments automatically with suggested changes around syntax and code conventions so human reviewers have more time to examine critical changes. Software developers will also be able to autogenerate PR descriptions from commit messages, providing valuable context to the changes.

This is only the beginning of what’s possible. With virtual teammates helping you at all stages of your workflow, your teams will have an almost unfair advantage. By using AI to drive work forward, with all its various moving parts, everyone will operate at an elevated level.

Try Atlassian Intelligence today

We believe AI has the potential to unleash teamwork in an unprecedented way. We are committed to partnering with our customers and partners to build the future of teamwork together, in line with the values we all share. You can read more about our approach to responsible technology here.

Starting today, capabilities that are generally available are accessible in the Premium and Enterprise editions of our cloud products. To activate AI, org admins simply access the Atlassian Intelligence controls via admin.atlassian.com.

To learn more about the full list of AI capabilities coming to Atlassian’s platform and how to access them for your organization, visit the feature overview guide.

Today at Atlassian’s Unleash event, we will share these features in detail, along with deep-dive sessions that explore the impact of AI on team collaboration. Join us for the digital experience here. We can’t wait for you to welcome Atlassian Intelligence to your team.

Atlassian welcomes AI to the team