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Manage where your data is hosted with data residency

Data residency is available for new Standard and Premium cloud subscriptions, in addition to our Enterprise cloud plan.

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Data residency will be available for existing Standard and Premium cloud subscriptions in October 2021. Follow our cloud roadmap for updates on availability, additional locations, and expanded capabilities.

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Specify where your content and data are hosted

Ensure your product data, such as tickets and pages, is exclusively stored within the US or European Union - with more locations coming soon.

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Meet company and regulatory requirements

Share information across a global workforce with confidence, while meeting organizational and regulatory data compliance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the price of cloud plans increase with the addition of data residency? Show +

No, we will not be increasing the price of our Standard or Premium cloud plans as a result of including data residency as a native feature.

What is data residency and how do I know if I need it? Show +

Data residency gives organizations more control over their data by ensuring their user-generated content is stored within the US or EU. Companies who work in regulated industries like finance, government, or healthcare may need data residency to operate in a cloud environment.

Which cloud plans is data residency available for? Show +

For our largest customers, our Enterprise plan currently includes data residency, along with additional security, administrative, and scale features.

If our Enterprise plan is not a fit for your organization at this time, data residency will be included in our Standard and Premium cloud plans starting June 30th 2021 for new cloud subscriptions, and October 2021 for existing cloud subscriptions.

When will data residency be available? Show +

Data residency is currently available for customers on the Enterprise plan.

  • Starting June 30th, 2021, new Standard and Premium cloud subscriptons will have data residency automatically enabled.

  • Starting October 2021, existing Standard and Premium cloud subscriptions, with data already in our cloud, will have data residency automatically enabled.

To stay up to date on availability, view our cloud roadmap.

Which cloud products will have data residency enabled? Show +

Data residency will be enabled for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management Cloud .

Which locations can I store my data in? Show +

You can choose to pin your data to our US or EU locations, and soon Australia. To stay up to date on additional locations we are working on, please see our cloud roadmap.

Which types of content can be pinned using data residency? Show +

For details on the types of product data you can pin to US or EU locations, please visit our data residency documentation.

Is data residency available for Atlassian Marketplace apps? Show +

At this time, Marketplace apps and app data are not covered under Atlassian’s data residency guarantee, but we are working closely with our Marketplace Partners to make this available. Please see our cloud roadmap for updates on data residency for Marketplace apps.

Will enabling data residency make my Jira or Confluence performance faster? Show +

No, Atlassian uses our global infrastructure presence to host data as close to customers as possible in order to achieve maximum performance. While data residency provides an additional level of certainty that data will not leave a specific geographic area, our cloud infrastructure is designed to give global customers the best possible experience. Enabling data residency may lead to slower overall performance for users located outside of the designated geographic area. Learn more about our global cloud infrastructure.

For more information on data residency, view our documentation or contact us.

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