Server to cloud migration guide

Use our step-by-step migration guide for resources and best practices to ensure a successful move to cloud

Audit and assess apps and integrations

Similar to the previous step, take stock of the current apps (also referred to as plugins) you’ve installed or built on your own. Questions to ask yourself during the audit might be:

  • Consider how each app is being used. Are they all being used for their intended purpose?
  • How many people are taking advantage of the apps?
  • Are multiple apps serving the same purpose?
  • Is the same app functionality available natively in the cloud product?
  • What’s the cost difference between server and cloud apps?
  • Have any app licenses expired?

The main things to focus on when auditing your apps or plugins is whether they are available in cloud and if the data can be migrated or not.

Download the Cloud Migration Assistants

If you haven’t already, download our Cloud Migration Assistants for Jira and Confluence and navigate to Assess your apps. The app assessment feature shows all the apps you currently have installed on your server, if there is a version of that app in cloud and feature parity, as well as whether a migration pathway exists. 

Use our step-by-step instructions on how to use our Cloud Migration Assistants for app assessment or watch a quick video tutorial here

Download the Cloud Migration Assistants
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If you aren’t able to download the Cloud Migration Assistants, use our manual guide to app assessment.

Cloud app availability and ability to migrate

Once you have your list of current apps and their usage, take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Talk to your internal teams to understand which apps are essential to day to day work and must-haves in cloud, and which apps are no longer mission-critical or even being used. In some cases the apps you’re using in server are native features in cloud - review our product documentation or contact us for questions regarding functionality.

For apps that are essential, make sure there is a cloud equivalent available. This can be done via the Cloud Migration Assistants, or if you just have a handful of apps, you can also search for them in the Atlassian Marketplace. If there isn’t an equivalent available, reach out directly to the vendor to see if one is in the works, see if a similar alternative exists in the Marketplace, or re-evaluate if the app is essential for your team at this time. Note that apps in server may function differently in cloud. We recommend contacting the vendor directly to check whether the cloud app has functional parity.

Apps aren't automatically migrated when you move from server to cloud. Some apps do have the capability to export and import their data, but it’s best to check with app developers or their documentation to confirm what’s possible. To find out if your server app has an available migration pathway to cloud, review the list of migration-eligible apps and instructions in our server to cloud app migration documentation.

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Like Atlassian's products, cloud apps can differ in features and functionality from the server version. All cloud apps include a free, 30-day trial so you can ensure it’s still meeting the needs of your team in cloud. Test them out by activating your free cloud migration trial and installing the cloud app(s) of your choice.

App security

Unlike the apps you’re using for your self-hosted licenses, cloud apps are no longer installed behind your own firewalls. Instead, most are hosted by our Vendor or SaaS Partners who’ve developed the app. While our vendors are accountable for their app security, we’ve also implemented strict requirements for every listing in the Atlassian Marketplace. Third party apps are required to comply with:

Some app partners have also chosen to participate in our public bug bounty program, where apps are tested by a pool of security researchers. You’ll see a “Cloud Security Participant” badge on their app listing.

To support extensibility and customization of our cloud products, we’ve also launched a new app development platform, Forge, to enable app partners to build apps with baked-in security features that comply with the core Atlassian Platform.