Útmutató a szerverről a felhőbe való áttelepüléshez

Támaszkodj az áttelepítés folyamatát lépésről lépésre ismertető útmutatónkra – a benne szereplő források és ajánlott eljárások garantálják a sikeres átállást a felhőbe

Run the production migration

Run the production migration

It’s time to bring out the runbook you created in Phase 4 and follow the steps and timing you put together to move your data over to cloud. Refer to our documentation on how to use the Cloud Migration Assistants to run your migration if you’re using this method.

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If you’re a Bitbucket customer, please refer to our Bitbucket migration documentation to carry out your migration.

Migrate any apps

With the app migration pathways you’ve identified, install and migrate the apps you deemed critical for use in cloud.

QA migrated data

Check to see that your data migrated as expected, and that everything is working properly and in order. Refer step 6 in our testing guide for tips on what to look out for when reviewing your data.

Redirect users to new cloud site

Depending on your migration strategy, you can apply a site-wide banner in Jira or Confluence to help redirect end users who are still attempting to access your self-hosted instance. Link out to the new cloud site URL so they know where to go.

If you run into blockers or need guidance throughout the migration phase, contact our migrations support team for help.