We’ve launched a new and simplified contracting experience for Atlassian customers, the Atlassian Customer Agreement. This agreement takes effect on April 1, 2024, at 9 am PDT, and will apply to any new order or renewal at or after that time. Existing orders remain subject to the prior customer terms, available in our Archives.

Legal information

Simplified contractual terms and resources for customers, partners, and developers

Frequently Asked Questions

We created this FAQ to answer some of the most common questions customers ask about our Atlassian Customer Agreement.

These FAQs are for informational purposes only and do not create any contractual commitments. The responsibilities and liabilities of Atlassian towards its customers are governed by the relevant agreements between Atlassian and its customers, and these FAQs are not part of, nor do they modify, any agreement between Atlassian and its customers. 

Pricing and Discounts

How do I provide legal notices to Atlassian? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Most notices under our Atlassian Customer Agreement can be sent to For claims of breach by Atlassian, infringemenent of IP or termination for cause, please provide physical notice to:  Atlassian, 350 Bush St, Floor 13, San Francisco, CA 94104, Attention: General Counsel.

For reporting copyright and trademark violations, please follow the process set out here.

For subpoenas and other law enforcement orders, please follow the process set out here.

For Atlassian Support, please go here. This includes technical support, as well as pricing, billing and licensing support (including if you wish to terminate your subscription or exercise your refund right).

For supplier queries, please go here.

How much do Atlassian products cost? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Current pricing information is always available on our product pages:

To get an idea of what your monthly or annual cloud cost would be, take a look at our Cloud Calculator.

If you’re an existing Data Center customer interested in migrating to cloud, we’ve built a personalized calculator to give you a side-by-side view of costs based on the Data Center products you own.

* We know that our customers care about AI and Atlassian Intelligence. So, we want to make it clear that we updated the Atlassian Intelligence terms to match the drafting style and defined terms of our Atlassian Customer Agreement. We have not changed the ways we use customer inputs or outputs of Atlassian Intelligence as described in our Trust Center.

What training solutions are available? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian offers instructor-led training courses for Jira, Confluence and Dev Tools. Each course is delivered in our virtual classroom (via WebEx) either privately or publicly. See our Training page for further details.

Does Atlassian offer any discounts? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Our cloud plans start free for up to 10 users/3 agents, and grow with you as your team scales. Our Standard and Premium cloud plans can be trialed for free at any time.

We offer special pricing to registered nonprofits, students and teachers, academic institutions, Open Source projects, and certified Atlassian Partners. See below for details.

Do nonprofits receive special pricing? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

The Atlassian Customer Agreement will govern any apps that are published by Atlassian as a vendor in the Atlassian Marketplace (see here for a list of apps by Atlassian). However, the Atlassian Customer Agreement does not apply to any other apps, which would be considered third-party products under the Atlassian Customer Agreement and governed by the terms of the customer’s agreement with the applicable third-party provider.

Please see Marketplace Apps - Cloud Trust for more information regarding the third-party apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Section references: Sections 1, 7.2, and 21

How does Atlassian determine who qualifies for nonprofit, academic, and classroom discounts? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Yes, the Atlassian Customer Agreement will govern a customer’s use of the Atlassian products even if they have purchased through a channel partner. The Atlassian Customer Agreement will not apply to any services provided by the partner.

Section reference: Section 10.1(b)

Do academic institutions receive special pricing? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

The use of Atlassian Intelligence is covered by the Atlassian Customer Agreement and the AI Terms displayed in the Product-Specific Terms. For more information on Atlassian Intelligence, visit the Trust Center.

Section reference: Section 21

Do governmental entities receive special pricing? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian customers may subscribe at the form linked here to receive notifications from Atlassian about updates to Atlassian Sub-processors and the following legal terms and policies:

  • Atlassian Customer Agreement
  • Product-Specific Terms
  • Data Processing Addendum
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Security Measures
  • Advisory Services Policy
  • Guidelines for Reporting Copyright and Trademark Violations
  • Third-Party Code Policy
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Government Amendment (notice will only be sent to affected customers, as designated by our systems)
  • Atlassian’s use of inputs and outputs in connection with Atlassian Intelligence as described in the Atlassian Trust Center

Section reference: Section 20.5(c)

Do Open Source projects receive special pricing? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

The Data Processing Addendum forms a part of the Atlassian Customer Agreement (and doesn’t need to be signed separately).

Section references: Sections 2.3 and 21

Do students and teachers receive special pricing? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian provides support for the products purchased under the Atlassian Customer Agreement, as further described here.

Atlassian also provides advisory services so customers can get a better understanding of their Atlassian footprint and help them optimize their use of Atlassian products, though Atlassian does not provide hands-on-keyboard professional services. The advisory services offering is further described here and in our Advisory Services Policy.

Section references: Sections 8 and 21

Do resellers receive special pricing? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

The definition of users is purposely broad to include employees of affiliates, third-party contractors, partners, etc.

Section references: Sections 3 and 21

How does Atlassian review and grant discounted licenses? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Atlassian verifies non-profit, student and teacher, and academic institution eligibility in partnership with Percent, yet determines qualification for discounted licenses at its sole discretion. We reserve the right to grant or deny an individual or organization’s application for a discounted license, or to discontinue an active discounted license, at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our Community, Academic, Classroom and Open Source license eligibility guidelines at any time.

Our expectation is that in ordinary circumstances you will have a response on your Community, Academic, Classroom and Open Source application within 1 business day.

Does Atlassian offer incentives or discounts for migrating from server to Data Center or Cloud? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Yes, we offer a number of incentives for migrating customers:

  • Cloud migration trials - Explore Cloud features and test run your migration for an extended time. Unlike a 7-day Cloud trial, Cloud migration trials last the duration of your Data Center subscription. If you’re still on Server, we offer 60-day free Cloud migration trials for Server customers with expired maintenance.
  • Step-up credits - To help eliminate double payment when migrating to Cloud, we are offering qualified customers a credit equal to the pro-rated value of unused Data Center subscriptions.
  • Dual licensing - To support the transition period for Data Center customers migrating to Cloud, we will extend qualifying customers’ subscription for up to 1 year at a 100% discount so that you are able to run your Data Center and Cloud products in parallel.

Still on Server? To learn more about the full timeline of changes and next steps for your organization, visit our Server end of support information page.

A purchase order number is required for me to pay my invoice. Where can I send my purchase order number? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Please send any required purchase order numbers to Please see How to Pay for more information regarding payment for your Atlassian products.

My customers are users of some of my Atlassian products. Where can I find information regarding these users of my Atlassian products? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

This topic is covered in detail in our product-specific pages in our Documentation. Specifically, please see What are project roles in Jira Service Management? for more information regarding service desk customers in Jira Service Management and Share your instance externally with anonymous access for information on how to share content with people who don’t have licensed access to your Confluence instance. Other products may also permit for different user types, as detailed in the Documentation.

Where can I find more information regarding Atlassian instances and organizations? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

The Atlassian Customer Agreement allows a customer to install up to one production instance of each Software Product included in an Order on systems owned or operated by customer or its users. This topic is also covered in the Product-Specific Terms for Atlassian Pty Ltd Products. Additionally, please see Learn about Atlassian Organizations for more information regarding Atlassian instances and organizations.

Section reference: Section 5.3

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