Introducing Cloud Enterprise Plans for Jira Software and Confluence

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The new Enterprise plan delivers our most advanced offering for our flagship products, Jira Software and Confluence cloud. It supports unlimited users in the cloud to help you scale the growing collaboration needs of teams across your organization, and delivers enhanced capabilities across security, governance, data privacy, and administration. All backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA and our highest priority support. It provides the best Atlassian experience specifically designed for enterprises and will continuously deliver the most innovative features across these products.

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Agile enterprises scale with Atlassian

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Flexible scale

Quickly expand to meet the growing needs of your business. Add new users, teams, or subsidiaries without the hassle of setup or re-configuring identity systems. Only pay once per user per product - each enterprise user seat can access an unlimited number of instances across Jira Software or Confluence.

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Data residency

As organizations evolve to support borderless business cases and customers, there's a growing need to control your company's data. You can now decide where a subset of your data, such as tickets and pages, is hosted across our data regions in the US or EU, to better meet your business needs.

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Centralized administration

View and manage all Jira Software and Confluence users, sites, and plans from one central location.

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Change management

Implement a consistent change management strategy with release track controls and the ability to test new capabilities and configurations in a controlled sandbox environment.

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Enhanced security

Atlassian Access, our solution for enterprise-grade security and centralized administration, is included with your subscription. Safeguard your company and your data with SAML SSO, automated provisioning, advanced security integrations (CASBs), and more.

Join the Early Access Program

As part of the Early Access Program (EAP), you will have the opportunity to test and evaluate a subset of the features in our new enterprise offerings before this plan is generally available to the public. You will work closely with our product and support teams to provide first-hand feedback on our new cloud plan that helps us create Jira and Confluence offerings optimized for enterprises.

Please keep in mind that for the duration of this Early Access Program, we will only be able to accommodate 10k licenses per instance. However, you will now be able to setup an unlimited number of instances.

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs associated with the Enterprise Cloud Early Access Program? Show +

The enterprise plan will be free for the entirety of the Early Access Program. We will notify you at least 30 days in advance before charging you for the Enterprise offering. During this time, we will work directly with you and your team to begin the process of fully upgrading to the enterprise plan, returning to your team to your prior product setup and plan, or retiring your enterprise instance.

If you are already an Atlassian customer, you will continue to pay for your existing licenses. The Enterprise plan will be added at no additional cost.

How long will the Early Access Program last? Show +

The Cloud Enterprise plan will be in early access until we’re confident we’re meeting our customers’ requirements and our new Enterprise plan is ready for general availability, or we notify you that the Early Access Program has otherwise ended.

What’s required in order to participate in the Early Access Program? Show +

The Early Access Program is open to all existing Atlassian customers who use our Server, Data Center, or Cloud products for Jira Software or Confluence, as well as new customers. Once we have determined that you qualify for our program, we will setup a meeting to ensure we are able to meet your requirements before beginning the process of migrating or upgrading you to the Enterprise Cloud edition of Jira Software and/or Confluence.

When signing up for the Early Access Program, you will be asked to agree to our Cloud Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These terms cover your upgrade/migration process, and your Enterprise Cloud plan during the Early Access Program.

For which Atlassian cloud products is this offering available? Show +

The Cloud Enterprise Early Access Program is available for Jira Software, and Confluence cloud products. This offering is not yet available for any other Atlassian cloud products.

Will all Enterprise Cloud features be available during the Early Access Program? Show +

A financially-backed SLA of 99.95%, enterprise-level billing, and unlimited scale above 10k user licenses will not be available the Early Access Program.

Will using Atlassian Access as a part of the enterprise early access program affect my existing Atlassian Access bill? Show +

No, Atlassian Access will be included in your enterprise early access instance for no additional cost.