The job of the IT professional has become more difficult over the past decade. This is not necessarily due to the workload, but because of the dramatic shift we’ve seen in the way our organizations, employees, and customers are now operating in a software-powered world.

The effect of this shift for IT professionals is essentially two-fold. First, these organizations now not only need to rely on the management of physical assets like laptops and servers, but also software licenses and cloud services in order to help them innovate faster, and stay more competitive. Second, IT professionals are now expected to provide their employees with an experience similar to the one they get when ordering food or hailing a rideshare — super simple, and on-demand.

To respond to these shifts, modern organizations will now require the proper management and tracking of different types of assets. After all, organizations rely on these assets to keep their employees productive.  So, when the time comes and there’s an issue with an asset, employees should find support as quickly as possible.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Jira Service Desk asset management integrations for cloud are here from best-of-breed providers — OomnitzaDevice42, and Riada (early access). These new cloud asset management integrations will provide a solution to meet the demands of a modern organization’s more versatile and flexible environment.

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Help employees help you with easy asset selection

As one of the first lines of interaction with your customer, the Help Center needs to offer a great end-user experience when it comes to getting support. Employees should be able to quickly find the assets associated with them so you can focus your time on the task at hand. With the new Jira Service Desk asset management integrations, you eliminate any time wasted searching for the asset associated with the issue. Employees can now easily select the associated asset and quickly give you all the context you need.

Screenshot showing employee selecting an asset

Gain better visibility and control over your assets

After the ticket has been submitted, agents will immediately be able to view the issue and gain all the context they need about the asset that’s been selected. You can view the most important details about the assets, like purchase date, serial number, user assignment, and even customize these fields to display exactly the information your agents need to seeYou can also get a quick understanding of how often support issues have come up because of any type of asset that’s being tracked at the organization.

Screenshot showing agent view of assets

Provide employees with asset support where their work happens

Billions of interactions take place in Slack every month. These interactions include tasks and decisions made through integrations with tools that help organizations be more productive. That’s why with Oomnitza, we’re bringing together a more automated approach for your employees to make service requests right where their work happens.

With the Oomnitza Bot for asset management, employees can get support right in Slack by asking the Bot for help. An employee can select the relevant asset and the Oomnitza Bot will automatically create an issue into Jira Service Desk with minimal manual effort. Because the Oomnitza Bot helps your employees validate the information with self-service instructions, IT teams can now respond to requests even faster.

Gif of Oomnitza bot providing support through Slack

We’re really excited to bring this new experience to our Jira Service Desk customers. Take advantage of the Jira Service Desk asset management integrations for cloud on the Atlassian Marketplace!

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Jira Service Desk asset management integrations for cloud are here