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Support for your Cloud migration

Moving to Cloud is a team sport between Atlassian, Solution Partners, our Marketplace, and most importantly - you. Understand what support channels are available throughout your migration.

Your migration dream team

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How we help
We answer your questions about billing, licensing and pricing, feature differences between self-managed and Cloud products, and more.

When we help
If you’re in the Assess phase, you can schedule a Cloud consult with our team to help you choose your path.

When we’re available
9/5 regionally.

Who’s eligible
Customers with Commercial or Academic licenses over 25 users/agents.

Support for every step of your journey to Cloud

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Cloud Migration Managers

How we help
For large or complex migrations, we provide additional strategic planning and guidance. We discuss your organization’s goals and help you choose the best strategy and method.

When we help
We help from the planning phase onwards, working with Advocates, Migration Support Engineers, and Partners.

When we’re available
24/5 regionally.

Who’s eligible
Customers with large or complex migrations.

Migration journey phases

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Migration Support Engineers

How we help
We offer dedicated technical support and advice. We can help make sure you have a sound technical plan in place to get your users and data to Cloud, plus resolve any technical issues post-migration.

When we help
We help you through the Prep, Test, Migrate and Launch phases of your journey.

When we’re available
24/5 Pre- and post-migration troubleshooting and 24/7 during your planned migration date(s) if migrating 250+ users in Jira Service Management or 1k+ users in Confluence and/or Jira Software.

Who’s eligible
Customers migrating to paid Cloud plans (Standard, Premium, Enterprise).

Migration journey phases

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Atlassian Community

How we help
The Atlassian Community is a place to ask questions, find answers, solve technical challenges, and connect with our support team, and other Atlassian users who have been there, done that.

When we help
Community can help throughout your whole journey, from Assess to Launch.

Who’s eligible
All customers.

Migration journey phases

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Solution Partners

How we help
Our trusted network of Solution Partners provide migration services and end-to-end support for organizations dealing with a complex migration, or who need additional resources.

When we help
Partners can help throughout your whole journey, from Assess to Launch.

Who’s eligible
All customers.

Migration journey phases

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How we support migrations

Our team is available to provide guidance and best practices throughout your migration and ensure you have the information you need to be successful. Support scope can increase depending on your size and migration complexity.

  • Answering product, pricing, billing, and licensing questions
  • Guidance on planning your migration
  • Guidance on choosing a migration strategy and tool
  • Guidance on the execution process and production runbook creation
  • Guidance on user and group migration
  • Guidance on Atlassian Access and SSO setup
  • Guidance on the creation of a Server data export
  • Guidance on importing the Server data export into cloud
  • Pre-scheduled support for weekend and holiday migrations
  • Support for technical issues during testing or production migration

There are a few other steps you may need to do as part of your migration that we can provide documentation for, but don’t do for you. We recommend reaching out to a Solution Partner if you need additional hands-on support.

  • App analysis (unless migrating over 1,000 users)
  • App migration (many apps have manual migration paths available today, with automated app migration coming soon to the Cloud Migration Assistants)
  • Upgrading a Server instance
  • Merging multiple instances
  • Cleaning up your Server instances pre-migration
  • User cleanup and merging duplicate accounts
  • Post-migration testing
  • Administrator training
  • Onboarding and training users
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Migrating over 1,000 users?

While most teams can manage a migration on their own, we offer additional technical support and pricing discounts for customers migrating 1,001+ users to ensure a smooth experience. Please contact us at least two months before your intended migration date to ensure support.

Talk to an expert

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