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DHI Group is a digital media company that operates the careers website for technology professionals as well as several other jobs sites around the world. alone has more than 80,000 job listings, 3 million registered professionals and about 2.4 million unique users per month.


DHI expanded rapidly in part through acquisitions. This helped it build a global presence with 10 strong brands, but it also meant the company inherited a mix of tools for collaboration and communication. With so many platforms, employees were unable to collaborate smoothly across teams and departments, hurting both efficiency and innovation.

In addition, some of DHI’s processes were out of date. Its customer support department was still using three-ring binders to track support cases on paper, meaning information could not be searched and was hard to share. DHI needed to standardize on fewer platforms to improve collaboration, and also to reduce its software license costs.


DHI is gradually moving the entire company to Atlassian as its single work platform. This is greatly improving teamwork, communication and efficiency across all departments and geographies.

Having stronger teams and being more collaborative with different groups helps us drive new product ideas much more quickly to market -- Atlassian helps us to do that.

Brian Hostetter

Director of architecture, DHI Group

Its developer teams were already using Jira and Confluence, but at least one department had purchased ServiceNow for IT support before Jira Service Management came on the market. ServiceNow didn’t integrate with Jira, so employees were managing two separate work streams and systems. Switching from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management was an easy decision, and the entire company now has access to Jira Service Management to file tickets.

Internal communications are being moved from SharePoint to Confluence, including everything from HR benefits documentation to CEO blog posts. This saves DHI considerable money given Sharepoint’s license fees, and it provides an easy-to-use platform where employees can collaborate on documents transparently. Customer Support has also moved to Confluence, replacing its paper binders. The department’s first project was creating a new on-boarding process for new hires, and it now uses Confluence for all its documentation, progress reports and other needs.


Moving from Sharepoint to Confluence, and from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management, allowed DHI to save considerable licensing fees, but more importantly it created a culture of openness. Collaboration happens naturally, which allows teams to be more productive.

“Having stronger teams and being more collaborative with different groups helps us drive new product ideas much more quickly to market -- Atlassian helps us to do that,” says Brian Hostetter, DHI’s director of architecture.

DHI also credits Jira Service Management with reducing major IT incidents by 70 percent over the last three years. Joe Riesberg, DHI’s VP of global tech operations, attributes this to the transparency that comes from having his entire team on the same platform.

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