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Support engineering: The CSS team

The work we do in Customer Support Services (CSS) is a mixture of a customer focus, technical prowess, and deep listening. As a support engineering team, our goal is to create customers for life through honest conversations, openness, and responsive problem-solving. 

We understand that support can be equally tricky for customers and engineers—sometimes resurfacing memories of transactional problem-solving or internal roadblocks that prevent addressing the problem’s core issue. But at Atlassian, our CSS team’s priority is empowering our customers while upholding Atlassian's Mission to unleash every company and team’s potential.

What is CSS at Atlassian and how is it different?

When someone asks questions like, "Why CSS at Atlassian?" or "How is CSS at Atlassian different from other places?" they're often hoping to distinguish our team's work and responsibilities from their own past experiences. 

Questions like these are entirely reasonable. At times, companies and customers confuse technical engineering support with customer service, which informs candidate expectations and how those roles are presented externally. At Atlassian, we believe that giving everyone access to ongoing training, collaboration opportunities, and the chance to take risks is vital to employee development/tenure and our success as an organization.

Our server and cloud CSS roles are distinct in several ways: throughout the interview process, we actively look to hire technical talent interested in pursuing their career goals and interests while also looking to learn from their team members and leadership, positively contribute, and create a long-lasting customer experience.

Our customers

We strive to meet our customers where they are—working to understand their immediate concerns; simultaneously asking larger, more in-depth questions—rooted in our goal to better serve their future needs and ambitions.

This approach allows our team to use customer feedback as a way to identify recurring themes—and in turn—translating those insights into new products, features, or even a Shipit.

All of our customers are unique, each with individual needs and goals they're working to achieve. Some businesses and teams need both our server and cloud offerings, while others only need one or the other. But because there's never a one size fits all solution, the support we offer is equally dynamic.

Providing our customers with a world-class experience is paramount to what we do at Atlassian because our customer’s work has substantial value. CSS supports software that drives companies spanning SpaceX to Pixar to IBM. Using our tools, companies and teams have helped put the Mars Curiosity Rover into space, develop the cochlear implant, and built thousands of products launched to millions of customers around the world.

And because CSS is often the first team a customer interacts with—we're the voice of the customer and Atlassian—we look for support engineers who are highly technical, subject matter experts, naturally curious, and instinctual problem solvers. The people who thrive here are those with stellar communication skills and product insight—people who thrive in fast-paced environments and, just as important, people who are motivated by pushing the Atlassian experience forward.

Why CSS at Atlassian and why now?

Our engineers build and refine tools that help teams unleash their power—putting equal amounts of energy into Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket, Jira, JiraAlign, Statuspage, and OpsGenie; making supporting our products CSS’ top priority.

In February 2021, we discontinued the sale of new and additional server licenses, but our commitment to those customers hasn't shifted—no matter their needs, they're essential to us. Atlassian and CSS will continue to offer support via maintenance contracts through February 15, 2024 PT, ensuring server customers have continued access to help when it's needed.

Because our customer needs grow and change, it’s crucial our suite of offerings evolve with those needs. That continued evolution helps provide customers and CSS with opportunities to expand in ways that previously weren’t possible. We view this current expansion—as the time to dig into past experiences for inspiration—and leverage those takeaways in the future.

As we look to the future of Atlassian, our customers, and the tools we build and support, it’s crucial our CSS team is composed of people dedicated to creating a seamless experience for our customers.

Joining Atlassian’s CSS team is a career-defining role—an opportunity to be at the forefront of Atlassian’s marquee initiative. We’re looking for people who can and will deliver a seamless customer journey.

Although that transition to the cloud is currently underway, we’re continuing to hire for server and cloud roles; there’s no better time than now to make an impact at Atlassian.

Interested in joining an international team stacked with experienced support engineers and leadership that provides lots of room for development? Interested in leveraging customer input in a truly meaningful way? Join us on this remarkable journey of helping customers across the world achieve more.

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