When teams come together to turn ideas into reality.

How we ShipIt, ShipIt real good


Work on whatever you want

Find what inspires you. Develop that dream feature. Smash your nemesis bug. Or, maybe just upgrade racks in the bike room.


Assemble your crew

This is your chance to combine ideas and skill sets from different teams. It's also your chance to work with Will from DevTools, and that dude's hilarious.


You've got 24 hours... go

Embrace the constraint. Execution matters too, but the best idea wins. Why only 24 hours? Well, (how to put this?)... you kinda need to get home for a shower.

Why we (heart) ShipIt

Ask an Atlassian what they love about working here, and there’s a fair chance they’ll mention our ShipIt Days. Why? Well, you’ve got food trucks, bragging rights, and tons of impressive stuff our coworkers come up with. But ShipIt’s also a place where 3 of our values really shine:

Sign with arrows

Be the change you seek

See something worth working on? Go for it.

Sign with arrows

Play, as a team

Need to rally a crew to tackle a really hairy challenge together? Sounds about right.

Hearts on measuring scale

Build with heart and balance

Pour all your energy into tackling this challenge – but don't forgot to high-five and raise a glass with your team afterwards.

Umm, so what’s a ShipIt?

Anything can be a ShipIt. We see everything from practical to inspiring, simple to insane, technical to non-technical.


Andreas, Nick, Mike, Ross, and Scott spent 24 hours hacking together a simpler portal to create Jira issues. Say hello to Jira Service Desk.


Luke and Jeffy replaced all the hot, energy ineffecient light bulbs in the “phone booth” rooms.


“I hate you IE8, I hate you IE8, I hate you IE8… Oh. Works now. Awesome.” When you can’t think of anything else to do, kill bugs.


Mark, Sam, & Jamey wanted more videos in our blogs & pages. Enter a room with a tripod, camera, blue-screen, & boom mic. Roll credits!


“Dear Jonathon and Matt, thanks for making my pages load faster. You’re my heroes.” Sincerely, Jira

Black Ops

Ricky, Sonia, and Manesh made something so cool we can’t even tell you about it yet. Mum’s the word. Lips zipped.

Better brew

Jonathon makes awesome homebrew and wants to share it. Belly up to the new taps in the kitchen.

Infinite quarters

Ever dream of having an infinite stack of quarters at the arcade? We did. And thanks to Marcus we have a mini arcade in the office.

Have ideas for improving this page?

Maybe make a new one in the next ShipIt